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BY: Demba K. Darboe 

Every step was taken by HE Adama Barrow equal to victory.👍👍👍 👏🙌

The public is hereby alerted to a new dimension in the orchestrated plot to diminish the stature of President Adama Barrow before thousands of Gambians who love and adore their President.

First, it was a pernicious twisting and misinterpretation of the words of the President by mischievous elements, perhaps they can earn him opprobrium and infamy. When they see that the gambit is not achieving the desired results, they have now gone into the utter fabrication of apocryphal statements, which they purvey through the social media.

The concoction by haters and agents of disunity is not part of the text of the lecture at all.

The morbid minds that created the falsehood simply want to de-market and demean the President, having seen that defeating him in a free and fair electoral contest is a tall order. Therefore, they desire to instigate the electorate against him by creating statements that never existed and attributing such to him.

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We are, however, glad that thousands of Gambians, young and old, are smart enough to see through the machinations. The dubious people will not succeed, as President Barrow’s reputation has been built over time, and sustained for decades. That is why he is widely acclaimed for integrity, transparency, honor, and accountability, both home and abroad. Negative minds can never erode or corrode this.

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Bitter emotions stunt the soul and defile the mind. Those behind it will find out, eventually, that they are the ones swallowing poison, and expecting another person to die. They will realize the folly of their actions, to their own grief.

Decent Gambians are urged to be wary of the fare they consume hook, line, and sinker, particularly on social media. President Barrow is actuated by nothing else than love for the motherland. He is poised to build a country which all Gambians can proudly call their own. Noxious minds can still have a change of heart.

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©Dr. D K Darboe…
Consultant in development and finance,
Sustainable Development Expert,
Peace and conflict Transformation Specialist,
Peace and social activist international…


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