Gambia: Editorial: As Barrow Renege On His Promise Of Serving For Three Years; OJ Vows To Resign!

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President Adama Barrow should honor the three-year timetable period agreed by the Coalition government to pave the way for the restoration of functioning democratic rule in the Gambia in the interest of the voters that voted him into office. Failure to honor the “gentlemanly agreement” as it is often referred to by the Coalition partners, would amount to betrayal of trust and confidence reposed on Mr. Barrow and his colleagues by the citizenry of this country. PERIOD!!

Gambians are not interested in lame duck excuses coming from dishonest leaders, who are in the business of invoking the constitution to prolong their stay in office. Mr. Barrow and his Coalition partners knew very well that that the constitution catered for five-year mandate for any elected president, but notwithstanding they decided to sell the three-year agenda to the voters for reasons best known to them.

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The only trustable Coalition Cabinet member in this new government is Amadou Omar Jallow, AKA OJ. Mr. Jallow is a man of his words. He has time and time indicated that he cannot serve government beyond the three-year transition timetable agreed by the Coalition. He intends to resign after the stipulated period in question if not fired by Barrow. OJ has made his position clear on the matter in a recent GRTS interview. He said his conscience wouldn’t allow him to continue to serve after three years because that would amount to lying and betraying the Gambian people. Indeed.

Apparently, Adama Barrow is reneging on the three-year transition period agreement he promised to the Gambian people. He has tasted the sweetness of power and he thinks that three years is too short for him to stay in the presidency. He wants to serve for five years before organizing elections. And this was not the agreed deal he had with the Gambian electorate.

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Barrow’s Tourism Minister Hamat Bah has also backed out from the agreement. He invoked the constitution in a recent GRTS interview in an attempt to nullify the very agreement he used to win the hearts and the minds of the Gambian voters to defeat Jammeh.

Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe, who never witnessed the three-year deal agreed by the then opposition had threatened to sue president Barrow if he fails to follow the dictates of the constitution to rule for five years. Darboe was in prison at the time of the crafting of the said agreement.

So far, there are no plans or indications to suggest that Mr. Barrow and his so-called team will honour their side of the bargain they entered with the Gambian voters. They have no intention of organizing early elections as agreed.

Mr. Barrow will be doing justice to himself, his family, and Gambians in particular, if he relinquishes power after the three-year timetable agreed by the coalition. Mr. Barrow shouldn’t be tempted by power to dishonour the promise he made to the Gambian people.

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Clearly, he has demonstrated that he is not fit to rule the Gambia. Resigning is the right thing to do; to chart the way forward for our new-found democracy. We rest our case.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

Email: panderrymbai@gmail.com

Tel: 919-749-6319

From: The World News

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