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As a citizen, I am hopeful that Gambians are ready to take their position, dragging the authorities to their responsibilities even though all signs show their reluctance and inefficiency.

Am feeling worried for the names of the few paramilitary officers claims from their highest authorities are pointing at. This is mischievous on them, a true conspiracy from the top. It tool only matter of hours before the authorities who are the mastermind behind this, begin to pull their heads and pointing fingers…I.e. if the reports are something to go by.

Loyalty and being accountable to the families in this country will only suffice when the authorities are brought to the condition as those few paramilitary officers being arrested for the shooting.

This authorities in question have a track record of creating and managing hostile situations, tormenting and traumatizing the minds and lives of the kind and innocent Gambians. They were considered capable enough to man the position with responsibilities attached, now they’re failing us woefully.

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My question is, why should those paramilitary officers suffer arrests, leaving behind their seniors? The community of Faraba have acted on their civic rights, willing to enable avenues for those in the higher position to their job freely but yet, their feelings were treated with negligence whiles their lives were clumsily left with unsafe hands and now, all we can read in the news is that “The office of the IGP does not authorize the use of firearm”.. Bil-lahi, you people have failed us and now, pointing fingers to your incapacitated juniors.

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Cowards, betrayers you all are. It is Shame for any civilized population whose authorities would brag to have studied “Sociology, Society, Peace and Conflict Management, and Prevention, Human rights, child protection, community policing”…These are all evidence on which the people of this country through our sovereign rights as citizens should act and entangle you all at the relevant high position in connection to Faraba incident, to death!

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So sad that all you could say during that heat period is that “no one was authorized to use firearms” when you loaded them with firearms for more than one week, plying in the community of the people….what could you expect?

For justice to all concern and for impartially, the message that ” All those in authority with regards to the Faraba incident are arrested, including the Governor WRC, IGP, Minister of Interior among others”.. This what matters, not only putting those incapacitated officers. You should all suffer with them in the custody while investigation is on.

#The Gambia, corruption at it’s highest level.
#Shame on the actors!

By: Ebrima Faty

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