Gambia: Do you know why Madam Tambanjang was relief of her VP position by President Barrow?

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BY: Jallow Yerro N.

There is disturbing audio circulating in social media about her alleged role in an incidence which seriously implicated her. We wouldn’t disclose anything for now until we finalize our things.

Recently there has been a widespread call and strong opposition both in the Gambia and abroad for her to resign. Whether this removal is coincidence or not time will tell. She has been accused of nepotism and favoritism giving all her family members employment in Barrow’s government. In fact of recent, she was said to have recalled all her biological children’s from the States and got them employed in top positions, one of whom was a taxi driver in the US.

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I was able to contact one legal expert who told me that chief ministers(in this case a VP)are not removed like ministers even though the President has the prerogative. He said there are procedures to follow in removing a VP which was not followed in this case. Until Gambians know why she was removed, we will be speculative. Only the truth shall set us free.


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