Gambia: Deep Analysis of Part 2 of Yahya Jammeh’s Conversation With APRC Executives

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By: Mark Janneh

In the audio recording involving deposed Dictator Jammeh and his Party marionettes, reactions are varied and diverse Many are glad that Jammeh and his men were exposed. Was Jammeh not sending a message to the Gambia with this audio? He surely was aware that he was being recorded! The language of communication was deliberately selected and even when Colley attempted to change it, Jammeh didn’t allow him.

Meanwhile, interesting movements within APRC! When Jammeh received news that Fabakary and others had met President Barrow, he reacted by calling for their replacement. A few days later they were reinstated on his instructions. Why? Who knows what info he must have received regarding the secret meeting with Barrow?

One thing is clear though: Jammeh’s people are all over corridors of power. This is no speculation, it’s reality. Within the very institutions that are assigned to keep us safe, are personnel at the very top who had done Jammeh’s biddings until reality kept them apart. When Seedy Njie arrived from Equatorial Guinea, he was not arrested, not even called in for questioning. Today he claims to be part of the BYM. Among the very top of the SIS are those who helped the Dictatorship in tracking down descendents within the sub-region. No wonder, reconciliation is the watch word and not truth and justice!

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Lamin Kijera —->> Mark,worry not about the audio, one needs not possess a degree in psychology to read the body language in both Yankuba and FTJ”s voices to know that they want more 10000dollars from Babili.

Lamin Jaiteh —->> They want $10k for the usual stupid parties but the jammeh didn’t give his money for that as could understand from their conversation. .
Who knows what he known or planned that the Kolley will need that money for.. Clear from the audio he didn’t give him the money to spend on the politics..
Furthermore, the kolley should be able give names and descriptions of those he let his home to during campaign as we expect the aprc supports who are Gambians each have a home to sleep in..even the whole of foni came , they each have other relations in the kombos that got homes..

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