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The leader of the United Democratic Party has warned his supporters that disunity and petty talks are destroying the yellow party.
“The party is grappling with cracks in our unity and our enemies are going to take advantage of the disunity in the party, if we fail to make a stop to it immediately,” said Ousainu Darboe, who is also the vice president.
Addressing supporters on Saturday in Banjul, commemorating the 22nd September 1996 Denton Bridge ambush of UDP convoy, Darboe reminded his supporters that their enemies can only harvest from their disunity.

“Some people are sitting in their comfort zones talking in tongues that are destroying the UDP. If we do not stop that then the lives of Solo Sandeng and all those who died in the struggle would be meaningless,” Darboe remarked.
He said during the struggle there w as no petty talk or disunity, but now that the party is moving in the direction they all desire, division has started emerging.
Darboe also said the political landscape in the country is changing as there are now people from the former ruling party going around giving heads of women’s groups D3000, telling them they are going to form a new political party. ”This shift in politics means UDP members have to be more vigilant, focused and united,” he said.

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VP Darboe also called on the people of Kombo Central and Brikama to embrace the United Democratic Party, if for nothing but as a gesture not to betray the lives of people like Alhagie Karamo Touray and Malang Jatta, who died during the struggle.
Mr Darboe also said since critics are saying it is a UDP government—which he claimed is not true—it then behoves every UDP member to support President Barrow to achieve his goals.
He maintained that UDP is a party of all ethnic groups in The Gambia.
Speaking on the ambush 22 years ago, Darboe said it was a very sad day for the party, saying it was on that fateful day that the Jammeh regime “created their culture of brutality towards Gambians”.

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