Gambia: Congratulations letter for appointing Alikalagie

Mr. President,

Thank you for appointing our comrade Alh. Mustapha Fye Alikalagie.

Mr. President you did the right move by appointing our comrade Ambassador of Goodwill of the Republic of the Gambia. May I also seize this opportunity to let you know that the freedom newspaper crew headed by Mr. Pa Ndery Mbye did a fantastic job in removing dictatorship in the Gambia. For the longest time, only few comrades in the Gambia and the diaspora spoke against the past regime openly with all the risks involve while many others also contributed a lot unanimously for fear of reprisal from the past police state. Such was the situation Gambians had to live in for a very longtime before finally gaining freedom thru a free and fair election in 2016. May I also reiterate that in our new Gambia, and as a keen reader and listener of freedom newspaper and radio I found a truly democratic medium where all divergent views are express peacefully and respectfully for the benefit all Gambians.

Mr. President, ALL Gambians irrespective of tribe and creed are one big family. You have demonstrated this unity thru practice with the appointment our dear comrade and many others from different works of life and we wish to thank you for this timely and patriotic move. We pray that our comrade Alh Mustapha Fye live up to expectations Inshallah.

Nation building is a collective responsibility, as such, all those that work for government and those outside the government have the duty to play their part in making sure the New Gambia succeed on the socio-economic front. It is therefor only fair to apportion the blame if your government fails to deliver the goods and services to our people. We cannot and will not put all the blame on one man leaving his close collaborators out of the failure. That is not fair. The recent austerity measures your government took to sanitize our meager resources are a good step in the right direction.

Now is the time to adopt your private sector skills to make sure all your collaborators are put on a timeline for a result-oriented government. An enterprise that cannot generate profits is bound to fail and die naturally and so is government business as well. If your government fails to deliver the goods and services to the taxpayers, they will vote you out come next elections. As a democratically elected president and all powers vested in your hands and given all the tools to deliver, you should be steadfast in making sure Gambians see the benefits of your leadership.

Thank You.

Written By Pa Njie Girigara

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