It is what is in the heart when there is no wine in the head that comes out when there is wine in the head. Before I descend the hammer onto the four cornered head of Mr. Singhateh, National coordinator of Barrow Youth Movement now President Barrow Youth for National Development, I cringed with utter disappointment at the unscrupulous and blatant flim-flam accentuation leveled by Mr. Singhateh against honorable Darboe, leader of the mighty United Democratic Party over a platform that has millions of subscribers. Honestly speaking, it is conspicuous that Mr. Singhateh deserves to be awarded a gold medal for having the courage, confidence and demeanor to blatantly misrepresent an unfiltered fact with a thunderous lie.
Before I dissect into allegations made by Singhateh against the most honorable man on the face of the Gambia, I most put to the knowledge of all readers of this article and possibly to President Barrow that Mr. Singhateh was among one of those who once openly talked ill of him (Barrow) for his lack of sense of direction when his (Singhateh’s) pocket was in solitude well before the establishment of the Barrow Youth Movement. Oh I forgot, the appellation has now changed to Barrow Youth For National Development. Now that you have been given a free ride by the bus driver who is heading to an unknown destination, you think you now have the green visa and license to annihilate thousand truths with one unsanctioned and unceremonious testimony laced with utter deception.
Let’s now get proper to the bond of contention at hand and see how to provide a sui generis device in order to help plaster your ill-clad lies beyond redemption with some impeccable facts. First, I can vividly remember seeing Seedy opportunist Njie over G.R.T.S been one of the guests invited to grace the occasion of the lunching ceremony of BYM. A scenario of which left my mouth open after  seeing the most short-lived minister in the political trajectory of the Gambia from the era of Sir Firimang Singhateh’s administration down to Presidents Barrow’s administration.
Few days back after the lunching of the Barrow Youth Movement, followed a crystal condemnation from the state house through the same platform which published your lunching ceremony distancing the names of the Presidency from your profit making organization. Probably your mens rea is not very retentive as far as historical record keeping is concern but I am forced by nature and the honorable people of the Gambia to teach you history once again for the purpose of posterity.
His. Excellency Lawyer Ousainou Numukunda Darboe‘s type is hard to find in the Gambia when it comes to constitutionalism, morality and patriotism. The recent revelations from the TRRC can attest to that  I need not to go deep into that, am very sure that your immediate boss can tell you more about the characters of this specially man you are trying to defy, which you cannot. Mr. Singhateh, always bear in mind that a chattering bird builds no nest. You can hate Lawyer Ousainou Darboe for openly insulating himself and the UDP from the ganstarism arrangement of your organization but do not lie against him for things the whole Gambia knew that it is indeed a misrepresentation of fact. Rain beats a leopard’s skin, but it can never wash out its spots. You are not that type of person who can annihilate the good characters of Mr. Darboe in order to perfect the art of personal opportunism.
The United Democratic Party is not a type of organization that abrogates or overthrows a constitutional provision in order to muster support. It is a party that does political mobilization through superior logic. You don’t have to wait to be told that by a rocket scientist but on behalf of the students’ Wing and the unshakable United Democratic Party by extension, I can provide you with proper analytical tools to conduct a research and make scientific juxtapose sampling of United Democratic Party to other political entities.
The United Democratic Party is 100% in support of the National Development plan, but only by doing it in ways that merits constitutionalism not through receiving donations from some sorts of surreptitious philanthropists whose interests in the Gambia are still a mystery to all Gambians. Honorable Darboe deserves credit for playing a crucial role in making the financing of the National Development Plan (NDP) a success and not castigations and unfounded criticisms.
If I were President Barrow I would once again dissipate and distance myself from your organization using my name and the Gambia for pecuniary maximization. The constitution of the Gambia is explicitly clear about the issues of donations. Be mindful Mr. President and think about life after presidency. Please do not be tempted with the sweetness of power and let not your political jingoism for BYM/BYND beclouds your judgments to the collective interest of the Gambians.
However, persons with the implied notion that the Barrow Youth Movement is a threat to UDP must be politically hallucinating. Because all genuine patriotic citizens of the Gambia knew that BYM could become a potential political victimization against Barrow’s post presidency. The celebration and operation of Barrow Youth for National Development/BYM should not only be a matter of pomp and pageantry, but it should be a reflection of the political errors committed by ex president Jammeh.
Mr. Singhateh in furtherance went on saying that BYM/BYND has 2000 members which makes me laugh out my intestines knowing how poorly BYND/BYM is appraised and criticize in this country. Why you are so much interested and obsessed with numbers if indeed your entity is a normal charitable organization as you posited during your interview? Why can’t your organization follow the footsteps of the likes of Action Aid International and other sister organizations if indeed you mean business? My brother gone at those days when someone who is ferociously limited intellectually can mislead a whole nation through misleading sound bites. You need to regurgitate that statement before it turns poisonous into your stomach and cause you stomach instability.
Bear in mind that all these freedoms we all are enjoying is not the making of Barrow alone because we sanctioned his presidency when the situation became unbearable to us especially after the torture and demised of Gambia’s Steve Biko (Ebrima Solo Sandeng) and co. This platitude of yours and your type should be swallowed back. Moreover, I must bring to your notice that monies utilized for the building of bridges and roads you talked about during your interview was either financed by tax payer’s money or probably from donors procured on behalf of the Gambian people. I was kind enough to teach you a brief history on the emergence of your organization please do not allow me teach you once again what your chief servant should provide back to you after paying your national dues to the national sovereign wealth. This is just common sense.
Finally, On behalf of the United Democratic Party’s Students’ Wing, I want to cease this opportunity to make it very clear as noon-light that you are playing with the tail of a lion and your evasive statement cannot in any ways destabilize the United Democratic Party and its leadership because UDP is constituted with very strategic people and thinkers who thinks ahead of you. This is just a drop in the ocean………..Have a good day

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