Gambia: Breaking News: The Prime Suspect In The State House Jammeh Properties Robbery Case Gorrgi Mboob Has Been Reinstated By Adou Boy!

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Now it is loud and clear that President Adama Barrow is not interested in combating corruption. Gambia, do you remember the robbery case, which occurred at the State House, in which Jammeh’s cement and other valuable assets were stolen? Guess what? Adou Boy has decided to bury the case under the carpet. His government couldn’t press charges against the accused officers because his loyalists and confidants at the State House have been implicated in that high profile matter.

The prime suspect Gorrgi Mboob, who was interdicted by the police, has been reinstated with immediate effect. Mboob had Commissioner Abdoulie Sanyang and some State House officers on tape. Taking him to court means; exposing the dirty leans of the corrupt officers around our mediocre and clueless president.

Mr. Mboob has bee reinstated. The State House cement theft case file has been closed for now—thanks to Adama Barrow’s lack of fortitude to combat graft. Mr. Barrow is definitely retarding national development. He has abdicated his duties as commander in-chief.

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This country is being governed by thieves. People around the president are now settling cases out of court. Our law enforcement agents are also being openly disrespected; while some are compelled to execute illegal orders from the president’s family members and surrogates.

As we speak, some GAF officers believed to be loyal to the status quo, are being secretly deployed to the State House. One of Barrow’s trusted aides is behind the secret transfers. We are keenly monitoring developments.

From: The World News

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