Gambia: Breaking News: Ten Men Armed With AK 47 Rifles Robbed The GNPC Gas Station In Farafenni Last Night!

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FARAFENNI, NORTH BANK REGION—Ten men armed with AK 47 rifles attacked the Gambia National Petroleum Company (GNPC) gas station, and forcefully subdued the watchmen on duty, before fleeing with over one hundred and twenty thousand dalasis (D120,000) found in two different cash safe boxes, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. The robbery incident happened last in the heart of Farafenni town, where the GNPC is operating a gas station.

GNPC is a Gambia Government owned petroleum company. But the company was monopolized by dictator Yahya Jammeh during his twenty two years rule. The GNPC gas station in Farafenni, is often referred to as Yahya Jammeh’s gas station, even though it is a state owned company.

When the armed robbers descended at the GNPC gas station in Farafenni, they found two watchmen on duty, said our sources. The armed robbers then tied the watchmen, and proceeded into the cash office, where they found two safe boxes. One of the safes had a cash amount of D110,000, and the other had D11,000, dalasis sources familiar with the story told the Freedom Newspaper.

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The robbers left with the cash. They also confiscated a mobile phone belonging to one of the GNPC watchmen. The robbers fled with the watchman’s phone. They are currently at large. No arrest has been made yet.

The watchmen on duty told the police that the robbers communicated with them in one of the local Gambian dialects. They claimed that the robbers are Gambian nationals.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of police operations Landing Bojang today left Banjul for Farafenni to join the investigators in Farafenni. Mr. Bojang will proceed to Basse after his Farafenni mission, as law enforcement sources said there is high possibility that the GNPC gas station in Basse might also be attacked by the robbers.

The Gambia of late has witnessed a dramatic increase on crime rate. Armed robbery has become a common recurrence in the impoverished West African country.

From: Freedom Newspaper

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