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BANJUL, THE GAMBIA—Attempts are being made at ministry level to exonerate Seedy Touray, the Deputy Director General of Immigration and his wife Fatou Cham. Seedu is the Justice Paul of the Gambia for those who knew Justice Paul very well. He was the Nigerian Judge the Jammeh Government saw as a hero during the AMRC investigations. Finally he was blown by MP Hamat Bah for being complicit and part of the corruption racketeering at AMRC. He [Justice Paul] had to resign and leave the country in haste.  Seedu Touray is highly corrupt and a great manipulator but there is no chance for him to escape this wrath.  Touray is a big player in this case and I tell you why.

  • The question that comes to mind is why was he silent about the matter for 19 days without informing his immediate boss? Aiding and abetting stands strong, so why was he offered two payments at different times and dates with different amounts? The officer dare not come back to with a bigger offer this time round if it was true that Touray chased him out of his office as alleged. If he were serious, the money would have been paid and payment confirmed by him through receipts. Economic crime stands strong here.
  • The amount reported was not the right figure. He claimed according to his own letter the state was defrauded 1.4m when in actual sense according to the intelligence Report was about D600, 000.00. Giving false information to a Public officer is a heinous crime. With this attitude how can one entrust Touray with the mantra of DG and as chief adviser to the president on immigration matters.
  • Seedu Touray’s wife seems to be part of the rather nasty crime, a scam that speaks volumes.
  • Touray can also be accused of insubordination and undermining authority.

According to sources, the police the report will be detailed and straight to the point. They will not be cowed the source added.

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It is as clear as the light of noon day all is not well amongst the security services and Minister Mballow and Permanent Secretary Bully Dibba are compounding and fueling the problems by the day. Some Service chiefs are not on talking terms. There is a total lack of coordination and collaboration at the strategic levels of the law enforcement outfits. Cooperation is a none starter.

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Every service is on its side. Recently, the post mortem of the soldier killed and dumped in a well at Madiana was out. The autopsy report said the soldier died as a result of torture. This is evident by the marks the soldier sustained on the sides of his ribs. There was no injury on the head therefore couldn’t have mistakenly fallen in the well without breaking or sustaining injuries on the head. The police are refusing to cooperate with the army on the matter. The autopsy report is with the police and they are refusing to share it the Army. Soldiers take no nonsense they are waiting big time. Some senior police officers are bent on having the case compromised but is too late for them. Mballow and his PS are strongly supporting the police. Mballow going by his temperament and character isn’t going to make any success story at the interior. His lack of understanding of his job description is tantamount to the problems faced within the law enforcement departments. The security services are more divided today than one can imagine or believe. President Barrow is campaigning for national reconciliation, whilst Minister Mballow is advocating mayhem and disruption. This is the Minister who could not manage correct handing over procedures. The handing over documents for Brikama reveals much.

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Bully Dibba is the causative agent for death and destruction. He is the drum beater of the infighting and the instability in the services. He has encouraged and still encouraging indiscipline and destructive behaviour in the services. Bully leans on lies and supports falsehood over the truth. As permanent secretary he lacks foresight and wisdom to prevail other trivial issues. Being permanent Secretary, he should be on top of the roof as far as government functions are concerned. Amusingly, the myopic Minnesota street vendor turned PS will never change. Bully, when shall you cease to be corrupt? Bully should be clever enough to avoid being used by people with toxic characters. Dead wood they say, cannot be carved no matter how hard you try, though burning it is easy.

Mr. Dibba when did you became a coalition supporter? You were a staunch supporter of Yahya Jammeh and the APRC. How many times have you worn green to come to work? Tell me, how many people did you have issues with in your native village of Salikeni over the lack of support for the APRC? Tell me how were you appointed from Deputy Permanent Secretary to Permanent Secretary? Was it not political? Bully Gambia is too small, tell me how you succeeded in getting a scholarship to study in UK, was it not political? You are the chameleon of the Gambia; Bully you should never be trusted.


Written By An Insider

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

From: Freedom News Paper

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