Gambia: Breaking News: Squatting Recalled Ambassador OG Sallah Calls The Saudi Cops On His Embassy Staffers Amid Harassment Allegations!

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Relationship between with the recalled Gambian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Omar OG Sallah and his subordinate staffers at the Embassy is getting from bad to worse, the Freedom Newspaper has been reliably informed. Ambassador Sallah reportedly called the Saudi cops on his Embassy staff yesterday amid allegations that he (Sallah) is being allegedly harassed by some staff members of the embassy. A charge denied by his colleagues. The Saudi police responded to his request to show up at the Embassy, but to the chagrin of the Ambassador, he was told that there is nothing that the Saudi police can do since the Gambian embassy staffers are diplomats. He was told that the Gambian diplomats are immune from arrest based on international conventions.

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Ambassador Sallah was recalled sometime ago to report for home services, but he refused to return home. He was instructed to hand over the embassy to his Deputy one Mr. Badjie, but he declined.  He has since been squatting at the Gambian mission with no official accreditation. Saudi authorities are aware of his recalling.

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According to sources, Sallah maintains that his contract with the Gambian government hasn’t expired yet and hence which led to his refusal to honor Banjul’s move to end his Foreign service posting in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Sallah was employed on a three year contract by the former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. His daughter was married to Jammeh, but that marriage never lasted long. The couple later divorced.

A source close to the Gambian Embassy in Saudi Arabia said Mr. Sallah risked being expelled by the Saudi government if he continues to manifest indifference to the Embassy staffers in Riyadh. Sallah is not getting along with the Embassy staffers, said our source.

From: Freedom Newspaper

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