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  • An investor came with money to invest in higher education, i.e an institution of higher education in order to offer start – up degree courses on 2 faculties namely: Business management studies, and tourism and hospitality management and even Basic English. We designed our courses structure based on BTEC course structure. HND meaning higher national diploma is equivalent to two year university degree programme, it’s globally recognised and has been in existence here in the Gambia since 2003 (14 years now since it’s inception). Then national training authority (NTA), now called (NAQAA) meaning national accreditation and quality control assurance has been aware of this particular programme and were overseeing and approving it under the leadership of the then former NTA director Gawlo Nyang. Since the introduction of HND into the Gambia, many Gambians have benefited from this, thousands of thousands have graduated with HND and are now working in different fields, some have even proceed to West London college and Herriot Watt university for a top-up – meaning after 2 years of studying the HND one is qualified for a top – up at any university in the globe.
  • Because it is a two year university degree programme which can lead you to BBA & MBA that’s why it is called a DEGREE PROGRAMME, and it is accepted by all universities in the world as a degree programme. National Accreditation and Quality Control Assurance which is mandated to oversee all activities pertaining to quality higher education delivery, my understanding of NAQAA is that they are primarily entitled to facilitate the ground for any person who wants to invest in education, especially higher education for tertiary and vocational institutes. There are policies, guidelines and even criteria for the establishment of such entity or businesses, now if these criteria are met one should be given license to start operating immediately.
  • Senegambia College applied for a license in February 2016, to operate an institution of higher education by providing degree foundation courses on business management and studies and tourism hospitality management for both Gambians and non-Gambians alike. Since we applied for this license, it has been handled by 3 different personnel at NAQAA namely: I.M Colley who has now retired,Mrs Amie Colleh Mbai,who was an acting E.O then before the appointment of Dr Jaw, who is now the C.E.O. of National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Authority (NAQAA),could you imagine this application process has been going since February 2016 to June 2017, one year six months we waited patiently and politely but they still continue to downplay our application by given everyday false excuses, dictating about which name to use and which not to use,i.e a personnel at NAQAA(name withheld) asked us to change our initial business name and keep referring us to change one thing or the other on a daily basis. They did all this to undermine and discourage us from establishing Senegambia College. Just recently NAQAA gave us verbal authority through our board members to start advertising our course programmes but it wasn’t official in other sense! We believe they should provide us with the physical license so that we can display it at the reception but instead they said it has not yet come from the printing station, the same thing they did with trainer’s license, we have to wait again and again over and over to get trainer’s license, we have paid for institution’s license, trainers license and provided whatever information they needed during this past 1 year 6 months. Our initial application was for a university and we paid a fee of D50.000 for that application at the ministry of higher education in February 2016. Receipt available! We were told by the P.S (Cherno Barry) to apply for a college instead, he asked the acting CEO then Mrs Amie Colleh Mbai to help.
  • Dr Jaw the present C.E.O. at NAQAA has visited Senegambia College and was completely impressed with Senegambia college suitability for learning and its conducive environment. He compliments staff for their commitment in keeping the campus friendly for learning. He shares some jokes and then gave assurance that it should operates. After his visit it took him more than 5 months before he and his board could decide either to approved or disapproved, until recently this early June 2017 NAQAA through our board members communicated to Senegambia College to start advertising courses. This was just a verbal confirmation but no physical license was issued to Senegambia college to attached or paste on our reception wall. Is it ethical?? If worst come to worst we have to question some NAQAA staff’s qualification and competence. Accreditation department of NAQAA aren’t qualified to be in that office. I swear I can confirm!
  • I understand that NAQAA and Tony Johnson are having an issue since the days of IBC, but does that mean that they have to block or undermine Senegambia College from emerging up? Are they not having policies and guidelines to help and guide Senegambia College by evaluating our achievements and making recommendation for progress instead of undermining and discouraging Gambians from taking the initiative to create a quality higher education for the betterment of all Gambians interested to pursue higher education qualification. If NAQAA has an issue with Tony Johnson over the past years, let them deal with him by taking him to court for the crimes he perpetrated but NOT Senegambia college which is completely new and innocent. If NAQAA are transparent enough why should they let us pay for the followings: Institutional license, trainer’s license and thereby intentionally, continuously and deliberately delaying our application and asking us to re-apply again and again over and over again. Expenditure and cost of resources for Senegambia College has exceeded 000.000
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    since February 2016 to June 2017. We paid the rent for 5 years, high Meg internet connection for student research and management, resources like books, salary, cash power and just recently D38.000 was spent on advertisement on GRTS, OBSERVER, POINT, FOROYAA AND STANDARD etc etc.
  • Mr Wasiu Adebayo Principal of Business Training Centre and chairman of vocational and tertiary institute is undermining and discouraging Senegambia College from emerging up because of his individual interest (BTC). It is completely unconstitutional for one to be a board member and the same time owning an institution (Business Training Centre). Where on earth have we seen that?? I learned that just recently he was given 000 to do a marketing campaign in the name of Business Training Centre, so Wasiu Adebayo has to answer why he is dealing with Tony who they (NAQAA) are branding as criminal? Why is Adebayo dealing with Tony as a board member of NAQAA and even accepting D50.000 to embark on a marketing campaign. Where is the THRUTH NAQAA?
  • The way Tony has funded Business Training Centre, it’s the same way he is supporting and funding Senegambia College. NAQAA said they will not deal with Tony Johnson because he is a criminal, but instead Tony is dealing with a board member at NAQAA who is responsible for vetting application and making recommendations for approving or disapproving. Who is right or wrong? What’s the motive behind this saga?? I asked NAQAA to bring Tony to justice since they have mountain pile of information highlighting the corruption & wickedness of him, why wouldn’t they sermon Tony Johnson to court? Where was NTA/NAQAA when all this was happening? Are they (NTA/NAQAA) not responsible to stop institutions from playing foul? My saying is that both NTA/NAQAA and Tony are guilty of a crime.
  • Senegambia College is a new Gambian entity registered at Attorney General’s Chamber, with Gambians as a board member and managers. I will not deny the fact that our funding is coming from the UK with the help of Tony Johnson, who establishes BTC IN 1997 which is now under the administration of Wasiu Adebayo who is a board member at NAQAA and head of vocational training institutes in the Gambia.
  • NAQAA had asked Senegambia College to immediately stop advertising and not to mislead the public about degree courses. NAQAA don’t understand that HND leads to BBA,& MBA which is a degree programme and is recognise and accepted by all leading universities in the world. My question is who are we misleading? Adverts at GRTS, POINTNEWSPAPER, DAILY OBSERVER, STANDARD AND FORAYAA all talks about HND leading to BBA & MBA at our sister college in Dakar or elsewhere. The same thing on face book. So WHO are we misleading with our advertisements?

We the staff at Senegambia College will not seize operation because already our adverts brought lots of interests from the general public especially those who want to further their education.  We will continue to enrol and advertised our courses. From a legal perspective NAQAA has caused  a great damage to Senegambia College by saying that SENEGAMBIA COLLEGE AUTHORIZATION TO DELIVER DEGREE PROGRAMMES,WHICH IS VIEWED AS A DELIBERATE ACT TO MISLEAD THE PUBLIC IN PARTICULAR POTENTIAL STUDENTS as no such license has been granted to your College” . So why Dr Jaw verbally asked Senegambia College board members to start advertising their course programmes in June?

These institution (Senegambia College) board members are Gambians and it will also be run and manage by Gambians. We had met ALL the criteria and we had paid money for licenses.

We want the higher education authorities to know what’s going on between SENEGAMBIA COLLEGE & NAQAA before the matter gets out of hand.  We can gather the few students that are interested to Enron with us and had paid their money to stage a demonstration to show NAQAA how unethical they are, but we don’t want to opt that route yet.





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