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The sacked Gambian Vice President Fatoumatta Jallow says she has forgiven President Adama Barrow and his Coalition led government for sacking her from her position, which she said, is the second highest position of the land. She was addressing a governance conference in Switzerland recently after she was sacked.  Tambajang, in a condescending statement, sounded like she is a victim of state organized betrayal.  ” On this note, I want to give you my pledge; concrete pledge which is from here, I will be travelling to the Gambia, in the next two days. First, my pledge is: As a human being, and by nature, I like to forgive because I would like people to forgive me. So, for whatever cause it was that led to the government relieving me, from my position, the highest second position in my country, I have forgiven them. I don’t want to ask questions; I want to move contribute to building a better Gambia; that was the reason; my reason of being a member of the community; my reason of leaving my United Nations job to come and help nine political parties to become a Coalition to uproot a twenty-two-year dictator,” she remarked.

Besides her former Vice President portfolio job, Tambajang was the Chairperson of the Coalition government. But she has since resigned from that portfolio, citing personal and professional reasons.

Meanwhile, Tambajang, has announced that she is setting up a phony non-governmental organization—dedicated to empowering rural impoverished Gambian women. She is far from resting from her get rich or die mindset. She even said she is going to use her new phony organization to hold the Barrow government accountable.

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“Concretely, I want to establish an NGO, which is going to be called GAMNERA paradigm; this is a Gambia New Era; paradigm; this is going to look at the empowerment of rural communities to have a voice; to have a space; to have time; to leverage; take charge of their narratives; to influence policy decision making; to keep governments accountable and also to join the community of nations. Thank you all very much; Good bless you,” she added.

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Fatoumatta Jallow Tambajang never left her UN job to come home to reunite the Gambian opposition. That statement is a figment of her own imagination. It is false, baseless, and unfounded.

Her contract with the UN System ended; hence she was out of work; that is what occasioned her return to the country. She kept a low profile during the peak of Jammeh’s dictatorship; minding her own business.

For the record: She never took part in any active politics or militancy during the period in question. She emerged from the wilderness during the last two years of Jammeh’s misrule. To be precise, she joined the struggle for Gambia’s emancipation during the Fass Njaga Choi debacle. At the time, she was discrete in her association with the opposition.

She onetime attended a conference in New York, that was organized by Amadou Janneh’s Coalition for Change Gambia, in collaboration with other NGOS. She later started emerging  from her closet to join genuine Gambians in their democratic quest to end dictatorship.

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Tambajang was not a United Nations staffer. She was a UN Volunteer. She served in Liberia. She was able to find her way into the UN Voluntary job, through Mr. Blain, the current Gambian Ambassador to the United Kingdom. Blain was a senior official of the United Nations. Tambajang compensated him, when she found herself into the Vice Presidency, by hiring him, as an Ambassador.

Tambajang wants to take unsuspecting donors and Gambian women for a ride. She has nothing to offer to Gambian women. She was the Minister in charge of Women’s Affairs during her stint as Vice President.

If she was truly concerned about the plight of impoverished Gambian rural women, why didn’t she help them during her tenure as Women’s Affairs Minister. She was instead busy building a family dynasty at the expense of our poor taxpayers. The discredited legacy she left at the VP’s office speaks for itself. Her fingerprints were virtually into every sector of the economy; coupled with the prestigious jobs she preserved exclusively for her family members and friends.

She lacks the decency to formally handover her office to her successor Ousainou Darboe. She flew to Switzerland, days after she was sacked to attend a meeting. At the time, she was not in government. She has no moral authority to represent the Gambia at that forum. But she decided to treat the Gambia and her people with utter contempt. This delusional woman thinks that the Gambia owes her a jack. Nope! She is living in a bubble.


If Ms. Tambajang is that desperate to make easy money without toiling for it, let it be known, but it is disingenuous on her part to masquerade in the name of poor rural women to tap funding from unsuspecting donors.

The new Gambian has opened the floodgates for phony folks to cash in. Now that she is out of government, she thinks that she can still continue cashing in by using Gambian women.

She is a spent force, who was availed with the opportunity by President Barrow to represent Gambian women, but she misuse it. She should just retire for good.

She talked about holding governments accountable, that’s laughable so to speak. She lacks the moral authority to say anything against the current regime—given her past ethical issues and conflict of interest.

As the former Vice President, she refused to stay at the official residence the government allocated to her. She instead decided to lure the government to rent a private residential home for her, belonging to her son Alpha Barry. The same Alpha Barry was appointed Board Chairman of the Gambia Ports Authority during Tambajang’s tenure as VP. He is still the Board Chairman of the GPA.

One thing is evident, Tambajang is working on building a political structure under the disguise of supporting poor Gambian women. Time will tell.

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