Gambia: Breaking News: PS Bulli Dibba’s Pregnant Wife Denied US Visa; BULLY DIBBA THE BULLY OF THE SERVICES

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Hi readers, these documents are intercepted from the Ministry of Finance, please carefully read the attached documents and draw your own conclusions. These are monies collected from the Forms Account of the departments under Interior. PS Bully Dibba is the perfect embodiment of corruption and mismanagement of public funds. Funds have been diverted to furnish offices of the new Interior building near One plus One. A lot of it was converted into his own account. This is just a fraction, will come with a lot more revelations on the bogus spending spree of the Ministry. We demand investigation into this matter.

His wife who is heavily pregnant has been denied an American visa lately. He tried to intervene but without success.  Does he think he is bigger than the American Embassy? Uncle Sam does not take any nonsense.

Is it not interesting, check points are back in full swing all over the country? The writer has been vindicated. Three weeks back an armed robber attacked an office of Jah oil at daytime, fleeing with a huge amount of cash including foreign currencies. The argument is if check points were mounted the armed robber would have been arrested and sitting in Mile Two now.

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The min ister is not a security material. Since he assumed the office of Minister of Interior, there have not been effective coordination and collaboration and amongst services. Instead, his policies are more of divide and rule campaign.

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During the short spell of the Secretary General as Minister of Interior, Gambians saw a lull in crime. He was able to achieve that through consultation and teamwork-Habib Drammeh respects everyone. He was an effective communicator who encouraged collective decision making unlike Mballow who is a dictator imposing his will on his staff. Within a spate of ten days the police have registered numerous crimes including the killing of a soldier at Madiana, two armed robbery cases and many knife attacks resulting to deaths. The list could go on…

Mballow may only wake up the day the robbers attack his office.  The rampant crimes occurring daily are now surely your responsibility.  What is really being revealed is your inept behavior and inability.


Nepotism, Minister Mballow, does not pay.  The time has come to treat each and every Gambian equally-without dash or bribe…

Written By An Insider

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

From: Freedom Newspaper

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