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Written By Mamour M Mbenga

Modou Cham, the Youth Mobilzer of the Gambia Democratic Congress Party (GDC) has said that President Barrow’s government has no sense of direction in steering the affairs of the nation. Cham, speaking in an interview with the Freedom Newspaper, noted that Gambia’s much anticipated system change, has been dashed in the thin air—thanks to Barrow’s inability to champion meaningful democratic reforms. The Gambia, he went on, has ushered regime change back in December of 2016, but the country, he added, is far from accomplishing system change. The democratic pillars that should facilitate good governance are still absent in the country, he said.


Modou Cham, alias MC Cham, said the current government has failed to deliver the promises it made to the Gambia people after been voted into office. He has accused the regime of shirking its responsibilities when it comes to running a viable and productive democratic dispensation. He said Barrow’s government has become a total failure.


According to MC Cham, the only development registered by the Barrow led Coalition government since voted into office was the amendment of the age limit for the office of Presidency and Vice Presidency. This, he said, was done to suit their own selfish interest and not that of the nation. Cham believes that the Barrow government is an interest driven regime–forgetting that it was the masses who elected them into office.

Reacting to the recent cabinet reshuffle, Cham posits that there cannot be serious cabinet reshuffle in the absence of youth empowerment. He accused the regime of marginalizing Gambian youths. He said no Gambian youth, has been appointed in that cabinet, which is mainly dominated by aging politicians. He says the Barrow regime has demonstrated that youth empowerment is not a priority for the government. If they do, he said, they would have tapped on the potentials of the country’s youths. But that is not the case, he added.

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Mr. Cham said the time has come for Barrow to develop trust in Gambian youths to help steer the affairs of the nation. He noted that the country has been blessed with competent intellectuals, who are capable of contributing their quota to nation building.

The Barrow government, he said, has failed largely because of its inability to identify and tap on Gambian potentials to develop the country. He said the regime to some extent, has been pursuing misplaced priority projects at the expense of the suffering masses.

Mr. Cham has credited his party Leader Mama Kandeh for the recent cabinet reshuffle. He said it was Mama Kandeh, who called on the president to reshuffle his cabinet via the media prior to the recent changes. He said Barrow has responded to Kandeh’s call for cabinet reshuffle by firing his Ministers.

MC Cham also discussed the appointment of Ousainou Darboe as Vice President. He opines that younger people should be availed with the opportunity to occupy such portfolios. He also said the National Assembly should be empowered to vet such appointments.

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Cham has also called on President Barrow to honor the three-year transition period he agreed with his coalition partners. He said Barrow should resign from the presidency at the end of the three years transition so that fresh elections can be held.

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