Gambian President Adama Barrow has renewed his calls for Ministers and government officials serving in his administration and do not share the agenda of his government to resign before he will fire them. Mr. Barrow was speaking on Sunday at the State House in Banjul, where a delegation of his supporters from Kombo South paid a courtesy call on the President.

President Barrow and his Vice President Ousainou Darboe have been trading shades at each other recent weeks. Barrow told his supporters that there are people, who are obsessed with becoming a President, but he Adama Barrow, is already a President.

Mr. Barrow says the year 2019, is going to be a turning point for the tiny West African country. He vowed to fire public officials bent on undermining his administration. He said now is not the time for partisan politics but work towards nation building.

“You are either in, or you are out of my government. We will not allow people obsessed with becoming a President serving in my administration to derail our efforts to rebuild this country. If you do not want to be fired, please leave now before I will fire you,” Barrow remarked.

“If you want to become a President, you got to play by the rules. You cannot use backdoor to ascend to the Presidency. I used the front door when I sought to be elected President. We know that there are some misguided folks, whose objective is to create a situation in which they can find their way to the Presidency. That will not happen. I am here to stay. There will be no retreat, no surrender. Forward forever, backwards never, “Barrow remarked.

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Vice President Ousainou Darboe and Leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) traveled to the Badibus over the weekend to meet with his supporters. He was adopted “FATHER” by the villagers of Badibu India. He also traded similar shades during his public rallies. He called on his supporters not to allow anyone divide them.

Barrow also used his meeting with the Kombo South delegation to expose the UDP MPS accusing him of corruption. He said the UDP MPS lacks the moral authority to question his honesty as a President.

“They accused me of trying to induce them with D10,000 and the same UDP MPS accepted money from me in the past National Assembly elections. Almost all the political parties forming the Coalition government benefited from that fund. UDP, PDOIS, NRP, NCP, Isatou Touray’s candidates, PPP, GMC, and Gomez’s candidates all received money from me. They never accuse me of corruption when I funded the National Assembly elections. I also funded the Councilors election,” he said, adding that some of the political parties including the UDP received between D150,000, D200,000 and D300,000 dalasis respectively from him in the past National Assembly elections.


Barrow said the only people talking or complaining about his leadership are part of the minority in his government.

“These are foolish people. Gambians are not talking. There is a select few in my government, who are up to no good, and are spreading lies. My message to them is: resign before I fire you. I am the bus driver. If you do not want to ride with us, then disembark from the bus. You are either in, or you are out,” Barrow remarked, as his supporters applauded him.

Barrow also talked about the upcoming inauguration of the trans Gambia bridge scheduled for January 21st. He called on Gambians to turn out in their large numbers to grace the occasion. President Macky Sall of Senegal is among the dignitaries gracing the occasion.

Barrow has promised to usher in, what he called a “developed, stable and prosperous Gambia.” He said similar developmental projects will be launched in Soma, Banjul, and elsewhere around the country.

President Barrow openly called out Ousainou Darboe and the UDP Ministers in his administration. He kept reminding them about the huge responsibilities associated with their job.

“The work of a Minister is not a joke. If you think that you heart is not here with us, please leave. Leave before I fire you,” he warns.

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Barrow also jokingly mocked Ousainou Darboe during his address. He says there are disruptive elements in his government, who are obsessed with becoming a President at all cost.

“Some of them have contested elections for the past twenty years and they couldn’t win Yahya Jammeh. I joined the race in a span of less than three months and I defeated Yahya Jammeh. It was December 1st, 2016, that I was declared winner of the elections. The successive National Assembly, and Council elections that followed were held on the 1st. We won those elections hands down. That translates to Barrow being first in whatever he does. I am the President of this country,” he remarked.

Both Ebrima Sillah and Dembo By Force Bojang spoke at the occasion. Sillah is Gambia’s Information Minister. He is also a member of the UDP.

Sillah in his speech also rallied  support for President Barrow. He spoke briefly before Dembo By Force Bojang took to the podium. He also said no one wants go back to opposition. Hence, he called on Gambians to rally support behind President Barrow. He also condemns folks, who are using social media to attack President Barrow.

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai

Freedom Newspaper

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