Gambia: Breaking News: Lower Niumi Youth Movement Writes To The IGP; Saying They Want To Demonstrate For Lack Of Development In The Nuimis And Reliable Ferry Services

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Lower Niumi Youth Movement (LNYM)

 Lower Niumi District

 North Bank Region

 18th April, 2018.

Inspector General of Police

Ecowas Avenue


The Gambia

Dear Sir

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatoulah Wa Barakatuhu


Sir, I write with an unfathomable sense of commitment and responsibility on behalf of the Lower Niumi Youth Movement (LNYM) requesting a permit for a peaceful demonstration on the 29th April, 2018 between the hour 12:00 am to 15:00 pm from Barra Fire and Rescue Service station towards the Barra Ferry Terminal. The request for the permit of demonstration is based on no harm, violent or sabotage but instead as its mentioned (Peaceful demonstration) and is based on the following reasons:

THE FERRY SERVICE: As we know that many people do cross the river between Barra to Banjul, some do goes to work , some do attend their schooling, some do goes for businesses and other related and important transactions in Banjul or other places in the Kombo areas. But we the people of Lower Niumihas seeing our self that, we are not treated fairly because the first ferry departs lately in Barra to Banjul due to the fact that, the ferry do spends the night at Banjul ferry terminal instead of Barra ferry terminal and we the people of Lower Niumi had to wait all the way till it comes from Banjul to pick us which will dare to serve us as the first ferry to Banjul and mostly we do reach at Banjul by eight (8) or even after, which do causes most of us to be late either at work, school, businesses of other related transactions.

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So, on that note we the Lower Niumi Youth Movement (LNYM), are hereby demanding a permit for peaceful demonstration and all that we want is that, we have a ferry that does spend the night at Barra ferry terminal so that the first ferry will depart and react in Banjul before the work time starts or school time or other important affairs.

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LACK OF DEVELOPMENT DECENTRALIZATION: We the above-mentioned group still dare to show our unhappy and lack of fairness to the new regime led by his Excellency President Adama Barrow. We’ve seen that there is no new development project for the people of Lower Niumi, that is set up by the government. We do contribute a lot to the Gambian Economy particularly the GDPLower Niumi is a very large community whereby many people do work and contribute immensely to the Gambian Gross Domestic Product. We(LNYM), currently set around tour in our community andnoticed a lot of underdeveloped areas such as the road that links Barra to Albreda, No standard social place for youths to name a few.


So, noting all these factors we (Lower NiumiYouth Movement), are hereby demanding a permit to demonstrate the lack of injustice for the people of Lower Niumi District. We, therefore, decided to hold a peaceful demonstration to remind the new regime our stand because we vote for change so therefore we deserve a change as the saying goes on “ to whom much is given much is expected”.

This opportunity will allow us (we the people of Lower Niumi) to become changes in our society and mostly in the country. We want to continue making our country a better place. We will be kindly waiting for your swift consideration and response. Thank you

Yours sincerely,


Lower Niumi Youth Movement (LNYM)

From: Freedom Newspaper

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