Gambia: Breaking News: Government Should Stop Giving Yahya Jammeh Credit and Attention He Doesn’t Deserve.

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By: Jallow Yerro N.,

They are giving former Dictator Jammeh credit and attention he does not deserve. Notifying the international community is okay, but the best way to deal with any supposed threats and distractions from Yahya Jammeh is bring him to justice, including the likes of Yankuba Colley and all the fraudsters and enablers of the Jammeh 22 years of corruption and mayhem.Its like we cannot archieve anything as a country without the intervention or support of of the international community.The Gambia is a sovereign nation and we should deal with Jammehs matters with urgency.Jammeh’s victim’s are still languishing while Jammeh and close associates continue to enjoy five star life. This government is a shame, their focus and direction is next to nothing.What is even more interesting is that some guys who were recently ask by the Janneh commission to declared their assets are still serving in this government, you cannot removed a dictator and still act the same way.

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This audios were deliberately leaked, and the people who leaked them are still in the country, what is stopping government from questioning them if government feels that the audios are threat to national security?Coming up with a bogus press statement from government condemning the audios wouldn’t help, we need actions and action only. Something has to be done before its too late, the international community cannot do it all. Something swift really should be done to bring him and his cohorts to justice than letting them jeopardize our nascent democracy and peace.The Barrow admin is treating victims of Jammeh very poorly unlike the Ghanian Gov. which is supporting and empowering their Jammeh victims and quite frankly leading the march to bring Jammeh to justice.

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Totally embarrassing situation. Instead of the Government to chase down that man and priorities the victims they are busy engaging Jammeh in a talk of war. The Incompetence of Barrow’s Government has no limits. Completely reactionary leadership.When Jammeh barks they jump.Justice guide our actions towards the common good.



Kulay Sey Why are you always fanning the flames of conflicts in this country? You are so satanic that I sometimes doubt if You are a true citizen of this country. We need Peace, love and tranquility in our country please. Instead of unifying us as Gambians, you are always dividing us


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