Gambia: Breaking News: Gambia’s Agriculture Minister Said He Will Sue The Kerr Fatou Website For Defaming His Character!

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I have just gotten off the phone with Omar Amadou Jallow, Gambia’s firebrand and charismatic Agriculture Minister. Mr. Jallow said he is convening a press conference tomorrow at his office in Banjul to “debunk the pack of lies spewed by the Kerr Fatou online website” that he illegally sold an expired fertilizer to a Senegalese businessman Momodou Dibba. Mr. Jallow, who asked to be given time until Monday, to come up with a fitting official reaction to the damning allegations, was quick to point out that the allegations were false and totally unfounded. “ I am convening a press tomorrow at 2:00 PM tomorrow to clear the air. Feel free to send your reporter(s) to the press conference. I can speak to you after the press conference as much as you want,” Jallow said.

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“On their claims that I signed the contract for monetary inducement, I have called my lawyer; he is going to be here in the next one hour; I will take them to court to provide the evidence that I took money and from whom I have taken money from; they should also endeavor to adduce in evidence who gave me money. I am ready to take them to court,” OJ said in the Wollof local dialect during a phone chat with this medium.

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The Agriculture Minister’s threat to institute libel and defamation lawsuit against the Kerr Fatou website, followed a phone call made by this reporter to solicit his reaction to the fertilizer story. Mr. Jallow said he can only grant us a formal interview after his Monday’s news conference, but he never hesitated to tell me that he is going to sue Kerr Fatou for allegedly disparaging his image and integrity.

The Kerr Fatou website alleged that OJ was complicit in the sale of the fertilizer that was meant for Gambian farmers. The news site reported that over twenty seven thousand bags of fertilizer were allegedly stolen from the government stores in Banjul and was sold to one Momodou Dibbba.

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