Gambia: Breaking News: CDS Masaneh Kinteh Accused of Corruption

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By: Sadibou Badjie Bajagarr,

If you have ever wondered why Soldiers were deducted huge sums of money from their salaries by corrupt CDS Kinteh, here is exactly where it is allocated into. CDS Masaneh Kinteh is building a huge storey edifices at his homes in Sanlagi, Sankwia and now Jarra Soma. GAF Engineering and Construction Unit are busy doing the job for their Ogaa Boss at various points named above out of soldiers funds diverting them into his own out of selfishness and greed.
Just in March, Soldiers who were sent for Anti-terrorism training excercise were defrauded of their benefits, a whooping sum of $350,000. Only D15,000 was given(before departure) to each of the 85 soldiers in the contigent led by Lt Colonel Alagie Sanneh and a balance of $350,000 was supposed to be given back upon return but has ended up in the bonnet. All available Platforms were created to have a seating with CDS Kinteh regarding the money by the contigent at Yundum Barracks but to no avail, the contigent had to be redeployed to their various barracks on the 30th April, since then, NOTHING has been heard.

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CDS though, travelled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on the pretext of visiting the contigent when he never reached out to them. His stay in Riyadh for just three days earned him an allowance of up to D192,000 out of nothing.His newly erected Jarra soma fence was recently knocked down by floods in the second rains of the season and the Engineering/Construction Unit of the Army are currently busy re-fencing the two sides of the perimeter fence.
Kinteh is fastly becoming rich like other top government officials as we’d seen Trade minister Amadou Sanneh, Ex interior minister Mai Traditional Weapons Fatty and Barro himself. We shall get to uncover others too who are indulge in such corrupt practices, sucking the blood of Civil Sevants and Taxpayers as a whole. Endemic Corruption!

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