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“Bakary Bunja Darboe did not contribute a single butut in the just concluded PPP Congress. I am also not aware of any financial contribution made by BB to the party during the twenty-two years that he has been living in exile in the United Kingdom. I have spoken to the folks in charge of finance at the PPP, and they told me, that they do not have any record showing that BB has been contributing to the party financially. The PPP Congress was financed by the supporters of the party. BB was not among those who financed the Congress,” Mustapha Jabang, AKA Musty Jabang told me during an interview on Wednesday.

“BB Darboe came in and was accorded by the party transportation, food and refreshment. He travelled to the upcountry with the company of Kebba Jallow and others at the expense of the party. OJ Jallow took D35,000 dalasis from the party’s coffers to sponsor that trip. The party cooperated with BB throughout our interactions with him since his arrival in the country; his demands for delegate structuring were met; he also asked for secret voting to be adopted during the Congress, which was accepted by the party. So, for anyone to claim voter irregularity; intimidation; and inducement is not only false but totally unfounded. BB Darboe himself conceded defeat at the end of the Congress. He congratulated Papa Njie for his victory,” Jabang spoke in the local wollof dialect.

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Mr. Jabang was reacting to a letter purportedly issued by the PPP Executive Committee. The letter, bearing the names of PPP National President Yahya Ceesay, Dudu Taal, and Kalilu Singhateh, had questioned the legitimacy of Papa Njie’s Congress victory.

The process of registering constituency delegates and the campaign leading to voting were marred by serious irregularities which are now coming to light. These include bribery of delegates, intimidation of delegates by withholding transport funds and food, and registration of unqualified constituency delegates. These undemocratic practices are contrary to the principles, the values and the practices of the PPP,” the letter stated.

“In the light of the aforementioned inconsistencies and irregularities in the balloting and voting process, which are sufficiently serious to undermine the credibility of the election process, we hereby reject outright the results from the PPP 30th

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 December, 2018 election as we feel it did not reflect the true wishes of the bona-fide members of the Party that met to elect their Party Leader. We shall pursue this matter further to ensure that truth prevails, and The Gambian people shall be kept informed,” Ceesay and co remarked.

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Musty Jabang told Freedom Radio Gambia that he seriously doubts if the said letter came from the PPP. His reasons were: the letter did not contain the PPP letterhead, symbol, and stamp signature.

“That letter should be disregarded. It is not coming from the newly elected PPP Executive. It is not credible. BB Darboe himself is on record for having said that he has never rejected Congress results. Therefore, why should anyone lend credence to such bogus and misleading letter,” Jabang contends.

“Papa Njie is the legitimate elected leader of the PPP party. He was voted into office in a free, fair and transparent election. Two officials of the IEC were present during the voting. If there should be any disqualification, BB Darboe ought to have been disqualified. I had a tape in my possession in which he was accused of buying dinner for the delegates. This was prior to the voting. BB should have channeled any help he has for the delegates through the party, and not to use his own money to buy them food. I shared the audio in the PPP Whatapp chatroom,” he said.


BB Darboe could not be reached for comment on Jabang’s allegations. Jabang maintains that BB has been absent from the country for over a decade and there is nothing wrong for young emerging leaders like Papa Njie to head the party.

“ Papa Njie has contributed immensely towards the advancement of the PPP Party. Thanks to Papa Njie, the PPP has opened its own bureau. We used to meet at OJ’s home or at Kebba Jallow’s office. I cannot quantify the amount of money Papa Njie has spent from his party to help revive the party. His victory was well deserving. He worked for it. All we expect from BB and the rest of our elders is to help guide us so that we can win the next election,” he remarked.

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