Gambia: Breaking News: Are They Trying To Kill The Immigration D1.4 Million Theft Case? As CMC Demba Sowe Submits His Investigative Report!

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BANJUL, THE GAMBIA—The police task-force assigned to investigate the stolen visa fees collected from a visiting Dutch tourist boat, have submitted its report to Gambia’s Interior Minister Ebrima Mballow, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. The report has recommended for the accused Immigration officers to be charged and arraigned before a court of law. Though, reliable sources have hinted about an ongoing efforts underway in some quarters to subvert justice.

Both Interior Minister Mballow and his PS Bulli Dibba were away from the country, attending an official function in Morocco. The duo landed at the Banjul international airport on Friday at  4:00 AM in the morning, on board Royal air Morocco from Casablanca. Mballow and Dibba didn’t report to work on Friday.

The police investigative report was handed to Mr. Mballow on Monday, according to sources. It is not clear what Mr. Mballow is going to do with the report.

One source of knowledge to the investigations said it is unusual for the police to hand over such reports to political appointees; such as Ebrima Mballow—given the likely possibilities of the case being compromised by the powers that be.

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Charges are expected to be filed against the accused Immigration officers before the end of the week. Immigration Deputy DG Seedy Touray, was incriminated by officer Omar Badjie in his statement to the police. Badjie said he shared some part of the stolen money with some officers at the GID headquarters including Seedy Touray. A charge Touray denies.

It would be recalled that over D1.4 million dalasis was alegedly stolen by the Immigration officers stationed at the port and GID headquarters in Banjul. The money was shared among the officers including the shipping agent Mr. Faye.

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In another development, Bulli Dibba visited his home village Selikeni on Friday, as soon as the Moroccan plane jetted in Banjul. He was in Selikeni to see a “spiritual guy” because he is apparently not happy with the revelations being made about him and his wife by this medium, our source claimed.

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Mr. Dibba believes in marabout worshiping. He frequents Casamance in search of marabouts—dating back dictator Yahya Jammeh’s regime, our source added. Mr. Dibba also has a presidential ambition. He thinks that if Adou Boy Barrow can become a president why not him.

The same source also revealed that there is a female “media practitioner” colluding with Bulli Dibba in an attempt to spew propaganda messages to fool Gambian news consumers. Mr. Dibba has occasionally bragged before his colleagues that the said unnamed lady, is his personal friend, and has no doubt that the lady, would look out for him and the image of the Ministry.

Gambia, as you may know, following the spade of armed robberies in Farafenni, there has been desperate efforts being spearheaded by some propagandists claiming that the robbers have been arrested. So far, none of the alleged arrested robbers have been paraded or charged.

“Journalists should be wary of information coming from dishonest officials obsessed with cheap publicity stunt. As the saying goes: trust, but verify,” said our source.

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From: Freedom Newspaper

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