Gambia: Breaking News: A Near Breakthrough To Resolve The Doctors Strike Is In The Offing!

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The Association of Resident Doctors are on the verge of reaching a major breakthrough with the Gambian government to find a lasting solution to the month-long doctors’ strike, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. The doctors spent hours yesterday engaging the Vice President and her staff. No definitive consensus was reached during Wednesday’s talks. But the president of the Doctors Association Ebrima Bah is optimistic that something positive might emerge from the talks coming hours.

Dr. Bah wouldn’t go into the details about the nature of the talks and its terms and conditions. He believes that the end is near, and an agreement would soon be made.

The lawyers representing the Doctors Association were present during the talks, according to competent sources familiar with the story.

“We are hopeful of an agreement because of the long public holidays, and weekend; the issue is just a few technical terms and their long-term implications; our lawyers are looking at the wordings; so, we don’t get victimized by the words written today. We hope to wrap up tonight, otherwise until Monday, which both parties do not want,” said a source close to the ongoing talks.

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The Gambian doctors have been on a strike for a month now. The doctors are protesting recent allegations made by Health Minister Saffie Lowe Ceesay—accusing them of stealing drugs from health facilities. The doctors have debunked the Health Minister’s allegations—saying it is unfounded.

The Doctors had earlier planned to shutdown the entire health system on Wednesday, but they were invited by the Vice President for further negotiations.  For now, both parties are hopeful that an amicable resolution would be reached to resolve the matter.

From: Freedom Newspaper

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