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By Dawda Bayo,

The former vice president Tambajang has set up a conspiracy to betray the coalition government, the Gambia and president Barrow as revealed by an investigation.
It could be recalled the former VP together with other ministers were relieved of their appointments in a major cabinet resolve a fortnight ago.
As many people are still wondering what must have led president Barrow to demote one of his most trustee and number two man despite many believe that Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang performs well as the vice president.

Since the news broke out of her rejection of the new appointment, journalists across the country have been trying to get in touch with the former vice president to shade light on her sudden reaction not serve the government any more but could not reachable as she left the country.
Bayo news network has been investigating the matter throughout from the people closer to the power of corridor why Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang got demoted from VP to an ambassador to UN and her motive of rejecting the new appointment.

Bayo news network was reliably informed by a source yesterday who has shade light on the conspiracy of the former Gambian vice president to betray the constitution, the coalition and president Barrow which led to her immediate termination of her portfolio as the vice president of this country.

According to the source it all started in June 2018 when the former vice president wrote a certain letter to UN headquarters and this particular letter has bypassed the Gambian ambassador to UN Hon. Momodou Tangara.
The motive of this secret and betrayal letter to the UN was to put a pressure on president Barrow to accept three years transitional presidency as agreed by some coalition members and step down by December 2019 which will pave a way for the former vice president Tambajang to continue as an interim president until elections are organized in 2021.

According to the source this secret letter was not intended for Hon.Tangara to know the content but fortunately Hon. Tangara has received this letter before it got to the UN secretary general.
“ All correspondence to UN from the Gambia government should pass through the country’s permanent representative who is no other than Hon. Momodou Tangara but for the fact that Mrs. Tambajang chose to write such a letter to UN is considered by president as a conspiracy”, said the source.

Hon. Tangara also copied and send this letter to his immediate boss Hon. Minister of foreign affairs and international relations Hon. Lawyer Darboe .
The foreign minister too was surprised by this conspiracy letter of the former vice president and sent the copy of the this letter to the president Barrow to read the content of it.


According to the source this secret letter of Mrs. Tambajang has left president Barrow dumb founded and could not believe that the former vice president would have betrayed him like that.
The former vice president Tambajang at first was not aware that the letter she secretly sent to UN was later received by president Barrow and she believed that her plans will work.
When Mrs. Tambajang learnt that president Barrow was aware of this conspiracy she quickly tendered her letter of resignation as VP and left the country without formal handing over ceremony”, the source noted.

In a major cabinet resolve the president has decided to relieve the vice president Tambajang of her position as VP in order to avoid future conspiracy by appointing her as an ambassador to the UN.
“The former vice president was ashamed to take up her appointment to serve as an ambassador to UN and at the same time it would be very difficult for her to take any cabinet post whilst facing the president in the cabinet meetings with that conspiracy”, said the source.
The only option left for her is to denounce the government and fled to Scandinavian country to avoid the journalists interview on the matter.

The source told Bayo news network that the former VP was only the coalition member during the anniversary celebration at Buffer zone in December 2017 who publicly said the coalition leaders have to meet in closed door and discuss about the way forward on the three year transitional period since that was what they have all agreed at the 2016 convention.

Majority of the Gambians and some coalition leaders including Hamat Bah have all said that the so called three year transitional government is violation of the Gambia constitution which says five years for any body who is duly elected as head of state.

Since president Barrow and other coalition leaders were all silence about the three year transitional period except Halifa Sallah and OJ, the former vice president believed to write secret letters to UN and other international organizations would be a perfect idea to blackmail president Barrow to step down by December 2019 in order to honor the agreement.

If the former vice president Tambajang succeeded in her plans, then she would have fulfilled her ambition to become the first Gambian female president who would lead a two year transitional government under which individual political party activities would have seized until December 2021.

The source concluded that president Barrow wants to keep the whole affairs in secret but Mrs Tambajang does not deserve that putting into consideration her conspiracy plans to overthrown the president. The source also said the former VP was very close to the first family, president’s mother & UDP executive and therefore one could not believed the former VP is capable of such a conspiracy against president Barrow.

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This is why Yahya Jammeh said he did not trust all those with JALLOW surnames they always betray after a bitter experience of Ebou Jallow in 1995 .
President Barrow should know that all that glitters are not gold and should be very suspicious as he interacts with people and never trust anybody 100% since such people are capable of stabbing him on his back physically or spiritually”, the source concluded.

It could be recalled that the former vice president had an intention to become the first female president of the Gambia in 2014 when she returned from her UN appointment in Liberia by suggesting to all the opposition leaders to rally behind her as an independent candidate in order to defeat the former dictator in the 2016 presidential election.

When she failed to convince the opposition leaders, she decided to act as an intermediary among different political parties with series of inter party meetings in order to form a coalition against the former dictator Yahya Jammeh.

Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang did well in bringing all the parties together when the top UDP executive including lawyer Darboe were jailed in mile two prison by the former government.
Her immense struggled and sacrifice to fight the dictator and unified all the political parties earned her great respect from all the political leaders especially Dembo Bojang, lawyer Darboe and president Barrow himself.

During the political impasse she also played an important role by contacting Senegalese government, Ecowas and UN etc to intervene and save the Gambia from plunging into chaos and she was rewarded by president Barrow who appointed her as the vice president with the backing of other coalition leaders.

Fatoumata Jallow Tambajang’s appointment as VP was constitutionally illegal because of her over age which later prompted president Barrow to terminate her appointment as VP for several months until the law makers amended the constitution by removing the age limit of the VP.

Mrs Tambajang was again appointed as VP but the ambitious former vice president who was eyeing for the presidency again reminded thousands of UDP and other coalition supporters who converged at the buffer zone in December 2017 during the one year anniversary of coalition victory,
In her speech, she said coalition members have agreed for three years transitional period and if they go by that agreement she will become an interim president to fulfill her ambition.


Abdoulie Jabang This story doesn’t add up. First, If VP Tambajang conspired to betray Barrow, then she will not have copied Darboe on this communique. Second, if her alleged letter to UN is calling for Barrow to respect the agreement of the coalition, then she isn’t abetrayer but a hero. Third, why will Barrow reappointed her as Gambian ambassador to the UN if she attempted to conspired against Barrow by reporting the latter to the UN?

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Kamara Mansoo Ablie the story said Tankara copied the foreign minister not VP herself. U might have to read it again. The letter passed through Tankara n he copied his boss Darboe. Second Barrow redeoloyed her to foreign services, that’s the news we got. We haven’t heard of any specific position like Gambian Ambassador to UN

Abdoulie Jabang Kamara that is Dawda’s mistake. I assume that the VP wrote this letter. So how can Tangara copied Darboe on this letter? We might expect Tangara to forward a copy of this letter to Darboe or write a letter attached to the “alleged” Tambajang’s letter and send it to Darboe. That been said, why will Barrow reappoint her as ambassador to the UN after knowing that she “alleged” to “tarnish” the image of his administration at the UN level? This story doesn’t make any sense at all. We are yet to the know what influenced Barrow to make this decision.

Sulayman Ceesay Kamara Mansoo and you think the vp is so stupid not to know that a diplomatic correspondence to the U.N. will pass through tangara who everyone knows is an opportunist and big snitch.
How stupid do you think we are?

Talhatou Jallow I have no problem with your conspiracy theories….but be very careful with your tribal sentiments. Jallow’s are what???..where is your sense of professionalism? You are really inciting tribalism.

Omar Bun Sidibeh Mr Bayo try to be professional in your job ,Jallow surename are not to be trust that’s a bloody stupidly of you

Dembo Yarbo She will never succeed because in mandinka language . it says if you are digging a hole don’t make it deep make it wide you might fall in it this woman doesn’t have faith in God that’s why she falls
Naa Ndoo Mr Bayo this is very stupid and silly of you ,your kind are the once fanning the flames and it’s dangerous for you to write such on public space
Maam Colley MR BAYO, Was the letter writing B4 or After the Ramadan, Have you ask about that too
Maam Colley Abdoulie Jabang your third question is very very very seriously important…


SOURCE: Bayo news network

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