Gambia: Breaking News: 28 Locally Trained Cuban Doctors To Be Sworn In Tuesday To Replace The Striking Doctors!

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As doctors brace for a complete health delivery shutdown tomorrow Tuesday, the Ministry of health is coming with a plot, instead of dialogue in good fate, they have decided to swear in 28 locally Cuban trained community medicine doctors tomorrow Tuesday, sources familiar with the story have told the Freedom Newspaper.

“It is important to note that these people graduated more than one year ago and has been following the ministry endlessly for employment but have always been refused employment due to beliefs that their training was suboptimal and below acceptable standards. Now they are been sworn in for what? Of course, the shameless hospital has been using medical students to manage patients instead of negotiating with the doctors,” our source added.

The last-minute damage control employed by the Health Ministry said the doctors will not stop them from going ahead with Tuesday’s nationwide health sector shutdown.

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“It is also important to note that 13 medical officers have been awaiting employment through the ministry since October.  Amazing ministry, they can’t even draw a proper posting policy and as a result these 13 doctors were sitting waiting 6months.
Now it remains to see if the medical and dental council of the Gambia will issue these doctors with provisional licence as required before they start work,” said one of the striking doctors.

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Remember the Council, said our sour source, “ took a tough stance about those trained in Venezuela, in fact the council made sure to review the curriculum of these Venezuelan trained before they were licensed, it is also true that the Council was not happy with the curriculum of the Cuban trained community medicine doctors, now one remains to see if the Council will be independent to do due diligence or will they be bullied to cower and register these doctors, interestingly it seems  the only difference across from the Jammeh era is the person giving the instructions, but the instructions remain the same.”


The new doctors would need a certified doctor with years of experience to supervise them before they could operate independently. Exposing them to patients without proper supervision would amount to violating the law governing the medical industry.

“ Remember all new doctors need to be monitored while in rotations, and it is illegal and dangerous for them to work without such supervision, so now that strike is ongoing, who is going to supervise these doctors, but of course the ministry been incompetent doesn’t know that, we will make them understand, ndeysan our Gambia,” said one of the striking doctors.

From: The World News

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