Gambia: Blame Faraba youths too …

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This democracy will cost the Gambia dearly because every Tom and Harry is taking it to another level. Yes, what happened is bad in Faraba is bad and shooting should not be accepted in any way. But what the Faraba youths also did may be wrong and we never ask what happened, but what the government did and that all the time. When they say democracy is not rudeness is about expressing your self without aggression or in an aggressive way. That is our problem as a nation. We lack self-discipline in so many many ways. Show whatever you need to show without being rude, aggressive, out of control and so many more. As Gambians, we should take our time in this so-called democracy we always saying and acting bitter and rude to our security forces and our government. This is because we say no one can do anything and this is the result for being out of control.


This environmental issue has been going on for so many years before President Barrow but who dare come and say this and that because you know that you would be put in your place because we all know what’s up. Gambians let us take our time and take things easy because if not, our this democracy will bring chaos and something many would regret for the rest of their lives and that is what happened now. Faraba youths have every right to show what will benefit the community and no one can deny them that or any Gambian, but let us do it with the right way and manner so that things can be easy for all of us.

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The government should also learn and train the officers on how to handle chaos, crowd and control them in a manner nothing or anyone will get hurt. This is very important because the police and soldiers also need the self-discipline and calmness towards its citizens; Citizens also should stop pushing the government and the police and soldiers and let them not give them options to shoot or do the worst. Every citizen has the right to express them self but let us do so in a good manner and calmness and not to provoke the officers to give them an option to shoot or react in a way that is not good. Gambians let us learn and think where we came from and what we can do to improve this nation rather than to do something bad and hide behind this democracy logo we always say. What is your take?


By: Lamin Boye Darbo

Gambia: Two Gambian Environmentalists Killed In Faraba Banta

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