Gambia: Barrow’s decision on SSHFC is not good

Barrow’s decision on SSHFC is not good
The decision taken by President Barrow to bring back Muhammed Manjang as Managing Director of SSHFC is not a well-calculated move by the President.
Despite his achievements and reform process that have been rumoured by so-called specialists who does not know anything about the institution, Manjang is also accused of corruption and fraud and is asked to return back certain amount of money that he was accused of taking as per-diem of a trip to Sierra Leone which he never attended.
Secondly, about 240 staff , almost three quarter of the staff population have demanded for his resignation or transfer. They said they cannot continue working with him.
Therefore, how can such a manager run that institution without having a good working relations with majority of the staff?
In my view, Barrow should have transferred Manjang elsewhere and appoint someone else who is competent and is from outside of that institution, so that he can make proper reforms according to the institution’s regulations.
With this decision, Barrow is not helping to resolve the problem at SSHFC and will create more problems for the institution.
He has also given a deaf ear to the concerns raised by the staff and that doesn’t tell well of him as a president.
MC Cham Jnr
National Youth Mobiliser

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