Gambia: Austin Developer Jailed Under The US Neutrality To Launch Newspaper And TV In The Gambia!

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The Austin based Texas Real Estate Developer, Cherno Njie, who was jailed by the US government for plotting to overthrow the government of the former Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, is on the verge of launching a Newspaper and an online television in the Gambia, according to sources close to the businessman. Mr. Njie and his co accused persons were jailed under the US Neutrality Act, which prohibits US Citizens from plotting or participating in overthrowing a “friendly” government.

Mr. Njie spent one year in Federal prison before he was released. He recently visited his native country, The Gambia, where he was welcomed on arrival by Agriculture Minister Omar Amadou Jallow. He granted series of interviews to the local press, including the State Media-GRTS.

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According to sources, “Mr. Njie wants to invest in the media landscape in the new Gambia.” His Newspaper and TV will soon hit the newsstand, sources said.

Some homebased Gambian reporters have been approached and offered lucrative salary if they accept to work with Njie’s upcoming media house. Source intimated that reporters affiliated with the said media, will receive better pay compared to the other media houses such as the STANDARD, THE POINT AND FOROYAA.


From: Freedom Newspaper

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