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Gambia Army Captain Confesses Before The TRC Of Damaging A Former Jawara Minister’s Eye

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A Gambian army Captain has emerged as the first witness to confess before the country’s TRC about his role in torturing a former Agriculture Minister under Jawara’s rule.  Captain Baboucarr Bah, an active serving member of Gambia’s military, today confessed that he was the soldier, who broke Omar Amadou Jallow’s eye. 

The incident happened in 1995 after the PPP government was overthrown by soldiers led by Jammeh. OJ as he is fondly called, had lost one of his eyes during his encounter with the young soldier at the time.

Bah says he was in his twenties when he tortured OJ. He has appealed for forgiveness from OJ, his family and the entire Gambian nation. He says he has regretted his actions. He promised not to repeat such an ungodly act.

Captain Bah says he never disclose the torture he inflicted on OJ to his family. He wants to personally visit OJ at his home so that he can apologize to him.

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The entire country has been devastated by Bah’s confession. He is one of the first witness to have admitted to his past crimes.

This follows, a chilling testimony made by OJ accusing the army captain of torture.  OJ is currently in Nigeria observing the upcoming elections.

Bah also said he was asked by General Saul Badjie, a close confidant of Jammeh, during Gambia’s month long political impasse to set ablaze petrol stations and other key infrastructures in the country. The goal was to attribute the sabotage to the opposition so that Jammeh can use it as basis to arrest them.


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