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By: Alieu Bah

Welcome to the new government of coalition 2016, list of there achievements
1- Mai fatty accused Yahya Jammeh of emptying the state central bank, Halifa said as far as he is concerned everything is in tact.
2- Barrow allowed foreign forces to take in charge of our state house and the entire security of our nation, making criminals to get into the country easily, No other forces can know the situation of our country better than our own forces.

3- Exhuming of Dead bodies just to tarnish the image of his predecessor, not calculating the repercussions and it’s graphics.
4- Barrow appoints his ministers, some of whom are convicts thereby violating the Constitution.
5- Aja fatoumatta Jallow tambajang was unlawfully appointed as vice president without following due process considering her age as prescribed by laws of the land, Barrow again violated the Constitution.

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6- Ecomig forces shot two Gambian soldiers mounting at the compound of the former president yahya Jammeh.
7- A commission of enquiry was set up to look at the financial dealings of yahya jammeh, but some are excluded including the lead consul Amie Bensuda.
9- Haruna Jatta was shot and kill by the Senegalese forces base at Kamfenda.

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10- Mai accused the innocent people of foni for been very aggressive and arm with traditional weapons during a peaceful protest, a statement that’s so deceiving.
11- Information minister Demba Ali Jawo denied Senegalese force using live rounds instead they were using rubber bullets, another deceiving statement from an information minister.
12- Former NIA director and co are arrested for the murder of solo sendeng, Brother of the Justice minister caught on an audio having conversations with the former DG of NIA wife, showing his unethical practice as Justice minister.

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13- Gambia’s unknown soldier was removed by unknown people without the consent of the former mayor of banjul and the ministry of arts and culture, witch hunt
14- Honorable mama kandeh was called for questioning….TO BE CONTINUED!!!

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