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BY: Baldeh Abdoulie

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Oh we thank GOD we have got a new set of ministers and others sacked. Yes in the former regime, hire and fire was the order of the day? Even in our beloved New Gambia, this practice might happen, because according to the dictates of the political current, so the Captain may steer his ship’s rudder. One thing we Gambians know the Coalition government was formed out of a gamble. That’s, there was never a shadow cabinet in place; that could have been selected out of thorough scrutiny. To prove the lack of a shadow cabinet, after their victory it took them a month or so to complete the formation of the cabinet.

So inevitably the probation /experiment continues on. This reshuffling has indirectly addressed so many issues 1. to get rid of OJ Jallow whose case became a disgrace to the Cabinet of new Gambia. 2… To reduce the NUMBER of FULAS in the cabinet, who were seen to be’ too many ‘in the cabinet 3. To narrow the POLITICAL ROLE GAP between ADAMA BARROW and OUSAINOU DARBOE . 4. To project the dominance of UDP in the current government make-up I.e. with Barrow and Ousainou at the TOP.( Barrow maketh Darboe/Darboe maketh Barrow). Whatever is true, all we want is a stable, and progressive Government, untainted with tribalism. Congratulations to you all, but remember that ALL EYES ON YOU! So your every action is interpreted according to rumours and speculations held in mind. As leaders you belong to all tribes, and you are there for everybody in the Gambia. Good Luck mind?

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