Gambia: Advice to President Adama Barrow’s Government after Yahya Jammeh’s Le@ked Audio With APRC

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By: Abdou Jallow

The only way to stop the spiteful APRC from saying “we told you so” is for this government to show some sense of seriousness and commitment regarding the change they promised Gambians. The political positioning and wanton greed for material wealth that they are currently manifesting will without a doubt make Yahya look like a saint in their midst, especially, in the first few years that he mounted the saddles of power. With the lackluster attitude shown by this present leadership towards governance since taking over the reins of power from Yahya Jammeh, it is without a doubt that many Gambians, minus the killings will soon start to clamor for his coming back at the helm of affairs. At least under his administration, we knew who was in control.

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This government has apparently wasted all the goodwill and political capital that they could have utilized after the ouster of Yahya to win hearts and minds through the robust implementation of the anticipated reforms that would have endeared them not only to Gambians but rather, many places who are presently under the clutches of tyranny. But seemingly, after almost 2 years in power, it is apt to say that the opportunity has been squandered.

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