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Gambia: Adama Barrow just ignorantly and unwilling allowed himself to be used against the coalition by Lawyer Darboe to do a dirty job

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by: Musa Touray.

Barrow just ignorantly and unwilling allowed himself to be used against the coalition and himself and by the time he woke up from his sleepless slumber, Darbo had made him do his dirty job for him
Gambia was at a crossroads and all those who were tired of Jammehs impunity, the maltreatment of Gambians, incarceration of citizens for exercising their constitutional rights and the indiscriminate plundering of our resources felt the urgency to form a coalition of the willing with a single aim..TO REMOVE JAMMEH, SET UP AN INTERIM ADMINISTRATION TO MAKE CONSTITUTIONALLY REQUIRED CHANGES IN OUR LAWS AND INSTITUTIONS IN ORDER TO CREATE A PLAYING FIELD AND CALL FOR ELECTIONS so that all registered qualified parties and persons can contest in a free and fair election process for all.
To give all participating parties an equal opportunity, each of them fielded contestants to be elected by delegates of such parties.
To ensure that no party will usurp the power fought for and given to the coalition flag bearer, it was further agreed that the flag bearer will upon selection have to resign from his party and become an independent candidate for the coalition.

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All this while things were going fine and UDP with their majority were very happy that their candidate got selected. We all knew that UDP alone were not going to pull it and it became a matter of ALL HANDS ON DECK with the opposition force throwing their weight behind Barrow and all Gambians rallying their friends and relatives to vote coalition especially those in the diaspora.
The effort paid off and the unity continued which led to the first negotiation of getting all political prisoners released including Darbo.
Darbo got out dazed to see all these adversaries of his in a union making things happen including doing what he had been trying to achieve since he started his political career. He couldn’t muster the makeup of the change and thought of a way of dismantling it as he felt his aspirations threatened by the mix.
He as soon as the government was formed began to criticize the MOU calling it unconstitutional and threatening Barrow that if he wants to stick by it he was going to sue him. He then enticed Barrow to rebel against the agreement and stay in power for five years instead of three. This was to buy him time to put his plan on motion. That energized his base and they started their attack and destroy process.

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Having casted doubt on the MOU and confusing a new clueless leader like Barrow was not enough. They went ahead to attack Halifa’s character and motives trying to brand him as an anti-progress selfish leader with a hidden selfish agenda for anything he does. They went as far as trying to efface him from the political map but progressive citizens sensed it fast enough to help him get elected which is paying a lot of dividends in the quality of legislative oversight and responsibility being exhibited in the NA proceedings.
Darbo got frustrated when the Barrow Youth Movement was formed as it created a lot of rift within the UDP lines and a lot of confrontation on social media to the extent that Barrow sympathizers were seen as enemies of the mainstream.

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With all these happening Darbo was strategizing and when Barrow responded to media inquiries about the issue, he tried to mask his ambitions and said all was good between them and Darbo was his political dad and so the dad saw an opportunity to use on the naive political newbie.
With his wish to cast the coalition out of the corridors of power, he got Barrow closer and got him to dissolve cabinet to get rid of the adversaries that are real threats to him.
Barrow felt that, that was something that could give him a breather because questions about the three year timeline was surfac ing every so often and when coalition members are asked and even those in the administration, they affirm their stance that the articles of the MOU needs to be adhered to. So he wasn’t finding an ally to help him stay beyond the agreed timeline.
So they replaced F J Tambajang the coalition negotiator with Darbo and got rid of the rest by replacing them. The need to get rid of them was so urgent and not to have anyone who had anything to do with them to the extent that they had to get Jammeh’s stooges as replacements for they know those people will be grateful that they’re back in government despite being tainted in the ongoing investigations and so they can only do what the duo want in order to keep their positions.
Having achieved their joint goals, Barrow was happy the members of the coalition couldn’t hound him as they would if they were still in his administration and Darbo was able to achieve his goal of dispossessing his adversaries of power by casting them away from the corridors of power.

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At this juncture it was imperative the final puzzle in the power play game was who of the two was going to emerge as the flag bearer of the party for the next presidential election. Mr clueless newbie was in for a big surprise because of his naivete that since he gave his dad what he wanted, dad was going to give him the leeway for him to lead and throw his weight and the support of his followers behind him as the coalition members did.
We were all in suspense eagerly waiting for what was going to happen not knowing that what the master planner wanted the son to know is that what he can see sitting down, the sun can’t see standing up. It was at the venue of the party Congress that it dawned on Barrow and his followers as well as the rest of the Gambian people how the dad threw the son and his entourage under the boss through the implementation of their meticulously orchestrated plan of installing Darbo, barring all Barrow supporters from contesting or holding any party executive position and making it clear in no uncertain terms that Barrow’s signature movement is not recognized by the party.
Darbo worked out of the Congress victorious having implemented his plans to the letter with no ambiguity as to who is in control. To cap it all he made a statement that Barrow can always rejoin UDP telling him that as of now he is not part of the party.
People were thinking of how Barrow was going to emerge from this coup and speculating that he might fire Darbo to regroup which we are yet to see. If Barrow is capable of making a comeback it is something that remains to be seen. He has allowed himself to be manipulated to severe his relationship with those who made him king and got casted away by his adopted father. This is what we call being between the devil and the deep blue sea.
Unfortunately the clarion call for him to respect the MOU and step down is ever so strong and what the voices of reason are rightly calling him to do is to call for elections and step down so as to deserve a place in the anais of Gambian history or risk going to MILE TWO. The stash of cash both foreign and local currency some of which were on pellets found at statehouse and at Jammeh’s Kanilai residence are yet to be accounted for to the nation. The issue of his wife’s foundation is also another cloud hanging over his head and despite calls for information, he and his wife continue to be tight lipped about it. We will see where we go from here.

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