Gambia: A useful Lesson For The Arrogant SSHFC MD Manjang!

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Dear Mr. Mbai,

I watched the live broadcast of the GRTS staff farewell meeting for DG Sillah and was overwhelmed with a sense of pride when listening to the endless  outpouring of praises about the good things Mr. Sillah did for the institution and the support rendered to his staff in terms of alleviating their financial hardships through soft loans, salary increment as well as developing their skills through various training programs. All these were achieved during the seventeen months Mr. Sillah was made director general of GRTS.
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I tried to compare these exceptionally qualities of Mr. Ebrima Sillah with that of Mr. Manjang, the MD of SSHFC now embroiled in a standoff with his staff which exposes his arrogance and bad leadership style. Messrs. Manjang and Sillah were both appointed around the same time in 2017, but what DG Sillah was able to achieve for an institution that is marred in very difficult financial situation makes Mr. Manjang’s claim of being a competent leader  look ridiculous.
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My advice to Manjang is to watch that broadcast and take a cue from the fair and friendly leadership style of Mr. Ebrima Sillah. A useful lesson he can learn from this broadcast is to leave behind a good legacy Worthy of emulation and praise.
Written By Sirrading Sanneh

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