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Police Officers Are Now Becoming Victims And Vulnerable in the New Gambia.

From what ASP Lanin Njie the police PRO said you will realise that the police officers were trying to effect an legal search and on the boys, the boys were not cooperating and as a result they decided to take the law into their own hands. We are saddened with the loss of life but this could have been avoided if the boys were not rude and cooperating with the officers. It’s very sad that people are taking advantage of the so-called democracy to disrespect our security and do what ever they like. This is unacceptable.The Gambia has now becomes a lawless state where banditry,arm robbery and killings is the order of the day. We all know the terrible conditions that our police officers are operating in, very low pay infact one of the lowest in the subregion, poor working conditions, nothing to protect themselves,no equipments, the police themselves becomes very vulnerable in this new Gambia all in the name of freedom and democracy. Infact according to ASP Lanin Njie this people were found smoking cannabis which is itself illegal under Gambian laws. I’m always mad when I see people taking the law into their own hands.Law and order should be upheld by all especially the custodians
According to ASP Lanin Njie the university student Kebba Secks death occurred at around Palma Rima Junction in which 25 year old Kebba Secka was stabbed with a knife by an unidentified person resulting to his untimely death. My only problem is why the officers stabbed the boy and ran into hiding,they should have reported the matter and hand themselves to the police for further investigations but this was never done.This is very unfortunate.We all know even the so-called diasporas activists who lives in Europe or the US, the police are like angels in this country, people co-operate fully with the police when effecting arrest or search or you can easily loss your life and nothing comes out it. We all know how some of us are living in the diaspora,they respect the police in the abroad and when they come to the Gambia for whatever reason they disrespect our security and less regards for our law. The police officer should be release immediately. The police are now becoming victims in this new Gambia just because they trying to maintain law and order. The US and Europeans are the bigger democracies were worst crimes are committed with all types of criminals but people know the consequences, they don’t play when it comes to law and order that’s why everyone is living together harmoniously. God will never come down and solve our problems, it’s our laws and people enforcing this laws should be respected while on duty.
ASP Lanin Njie concludes that following an exhaustive investigation; a suspect was identified as First Class Constable Lamin Trawally an officer of the Gambia Police Force. Lamin Trawally admits he and his colleague attempted to search the deceased which led to a scuffle.
He said the officer confessed that during the scuffle with the group of boys found smoking cannabis on Tuesday 7th July 2019, he fought and stabbed the deceased with a knife and fled.
The suspect has been arrested and charged with murder contrary to section 187 of the criminal code laws of the Gambia. He is currently under custody awaiting trial.
The police should drop all charges do that Gambians would respect their security and learn a lesson if not our police officers will continue to be vulnerable in this new Gambia. Don’t tell me the deceased is not your family member that’s why, this is about the future of the Gambia which is bigger than all of us. Unfortunately instead of reforming the security within the stipulated transitional time Barrow is busy politicking but he’s do so at his own risk. The Gambia is not a personal property it’s belongs to all Gambians
By: Kaw Yerro

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