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Former President Jammeh Will Likely Return To The Gambia After 2021 Presidential Election If President Barrow Gets Second Term

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Dear Editor,

President Barrow’s recent announcement at a political rally in the Foni Sibanor about his government decision to allow former President Jammeh to return to The Gambia as a private citizen is once again a clear indication that this administration is working with the former President Jammeh based on the strategy of using Jammeh as a Political bargaining tool to consolidate Barrow into power. Mr Barrow’s announcement of Jammeh’s return to the country was made in a prepared speech that earned unprecedented negative reactions from the Gambian public. This announcement was later rejected by the government spokesman,  Mr Ebrima Sankareh who falsely claimed that Mr Barrow’s statements were misinterpreted across the political spectrum after realizing that it was a total blunder , lack of intelligent leadership communication skills and was a threat to whatever adverse findings the TRRC might have against the  former President Jammeh . Mr Sankareh is now well known chief pathological clarifier or spinner who cannot keep up with Mr Barrow’s lack of intelligence and poor leadership skills since his installation as the president of The Gambia . In my previous article titled “President Barrow Is Working With Former President Jammeh To Return To The Gambia In 2021”, which was published on March 12, 2019 by  Freedomnewspaper,  the article clearly stated the veracity of this decision as recently announced by the Gambian President . Here is the link to the story:
President Barrow’s decision to suggest that Jammeh could return to The Gambia as a former president and private citizen , and “be accorded with all the respect and benefits that a former head of state deserves” has been a key political bargaining tool since the appointment of Foreign Affairs minister Momodou Tankara in order to gain the support of APRC top officials as it is currently happening in the country. Today in The Gambia , Mr Barrow is beloved by former APRC officials and supporters than majority of citizens who voted for him in December 2016. This political shift was also direct result of political expediency Mr Barrow embarked on when he initially tasted sweetness of power and has made a political decision to appease his former enemies to gain their political support for self perpetuating rule and to pay lip service to past economic crimes and human rights violations that truly transformed our country’s political and socioeconomic conditions into its current hopeless state characterized by corruption, selective justice and foreign domination. The Gambian people would recall that Mr Tankara’s first Foreign trip was made to Equatorial Guinea where he met with the country’s president and discussed the possibility of Jammeh’s faith and status as a former head of state . According to the sources within the statehouse, The possibility of Former Dictator Jammeh’s return to The Gambia has been the key strategic thinking or reason which also led to eradication of the key members of coalition leaders in this administration in order to give room for the appointments of experienced former President Jammeh’s enablers who will help to consolidate and entrench Mr Barrow in power . As 2021 campaign winning strategy , President Barrow and his team truly believes that using the former President Jammeh’s return to the Gambia could serve as the greatest political bargaining tool that would significantly gain huge popularity among Jammeh’s supporters especially those in Foni where the former Dictator still has huge political support. Thus, Barrow rely on this irrational political strategy for self perpetuating rule and entrenchment in power as basis for forming a new political party for 2021 election. It is also the only hope he rely on to continue recycling key members of Jammeh’s inner circle in his administration such as interior minister Yankuba Sonko , Defense Minister Sheikh Omar Faye and other political operatives at the statehouse. All of these former members of Jammeh’s cabinet played key roles in sustainability of 22 years of autocratic rule. These unprofessional individuals are the same people who continue to advise President Barrow when making key decisions in his daily function as the president of The Gambia. This is pathetic and sad.
Mr Barrow’s lack of intelligent leadership skills and vision compounded with lack of moral integrity has already resulted to waste of valuable opportunities to transform our country. We have recently seen top APRC leadership welcomed President Barrow during the recent concluded campaign tour disguised as meet “The farmers tour
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” . President Barrow will likely be using Jammeh’s return to the country during full campaign period of 2021 presidential election and will also likely portray himself as a man who is not interested in revenge but to collectively reconcile the Gambian people. With the election of President Barrow for second term, sources strongly suggest that he will call for national reconciliation that will seek and advocate the return of former President Jammeh to the country . It is this perspective that APRC political operatives are secretly working with the government and continuing their call for Jammeh’s return though the government also continue to mislead the Gambian people. In line with this philosophy of national reconciliation, the final outcome and recommendations of TRRC will unlikely see any retribution justice or legal actions against those who have allegedly committed human rights violations but there will be monetary compensation which the commission has already started working on . It was this perspective that Jugulars were released despite the public outrage . The human rights violators like former Junta vice chairman Sana Sabally and Defense Minister Edwards Sinhateh publicly reconciled at the TRRC headquarter because the administration simply believes only in establishing the so called “Truth
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”. In the case of prosecution of former President Jammeh at the international criminal court ( ICC), Mr Barrow has no moral authority to pursue prosecution of Dictator Jammeh at ICC since he is more concerned about his own future when he leaves power because of extensive corruption charges leveled against him and his cronies. The selective justice implementation of Janneh’s commission recommendations is another genuine reason to suggest that President Barrow is not only concerned about his political future but also has no moral integrity to embark on progressive political, security, institutional and economic reforms agenda that our country badly needs. In  essence The Gambia is back to square one.
The idea of seeking second term was born when political surrogates suggested the idea to President Barrow. President Barrow initially believed that the United Democratic Party leadership would wholeheartedly endorsed his desire to seek second term in office but this idea was only supported by Dembo ByForce Bojang who was recorded on tape by Barrow surrogates when he was approached to support Mr Barrow as a UDP candidate for 2021 election. Mr Bojang has shifted his total loyalty and support to President Barrow since this event which occurred during the early days of 2017. Mr Bojang recently resigned from his former Party , the United Democratic Party after he finally publicly endorsed president Barrow at a political meeting at Buffer Zone , Serekunda. Barrow’s political strategists believes that he could easily win Foni and greater part of URD/CRD in order to gain second term. This political strategy has resulted to road development project initiatives beyond Basse area which has long been neglected by the previous governments.
President Barrow and his cronies careless about various human rights violations that took place during two decades of Jammeh’s military dictatorship. The commission of inquiries such as Janneh’s commission and The Truth , Reconciliation And Reparations Commission were all established based on political expediency and exploitation of Gambian people. Since President Barrow was installed into Presidency, he has not demonstrated any leadership skills and vision to pave the new path of progressive ideas and innovations that would encourage economic development and security improvement . In The Gambia , crime rate has skyrocketed and the commander in chief is even scare to visit The Gambia’s security forces in the various part of the country. The Gambian people have consistently seen Barrow follow the footsteps of former President Jammeh in every aspect of his decision. Mr Barrow is indeed a failed leader surrounds by ignorant political cronies who have no moral integrity and paper qualifications to give decent and honest perspectives to advice the president in conducting his daily work.
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The solution to our current situation is that we must stop Mr Barrow since he has already deviated from the main reason he was elected in December 2016. Our country need a fresh start but we cannot afford to have the same people running the country in the last two decades and expect to see different results. Mr Barrow has betrayed his own people and he cannot be trusted with another five year term.
Thank you
Written By Max Jarju
Editors note: The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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