Foreign Minister meets with his Gambian counterpart

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of Maldives Dr. Mohamed Asim has met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Gambia Ousainou Darboe, on the sidelines of the High Level Meeting on Peace Building and Sustaining Peace. The Ministers discussed issues of mutual interest in the international discourse and developmental challenges facing both countries, during the meeting.
Furthermore, the Foreign Minister met with several Permanent Representatives to discuss issues of mutual interest, especially with regard to the United Nations Security Council. The Maldives is campaigning for support in its bid to become a member of the Council for the term 2019-2020.
The Maldivian Foreign Minister is visiting New York to participate in the High Level Meeting on Peace Building and Sustaining Peace hosted by the President of the General Assembly, as well as the Ministerial segment of the Economic and Social Commission’s Forum on Financing for Development.

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From: PSM news

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