For the Sakes of Repaying Debts, This Country Sells Aircraft Owned by Former President

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Gambia is selling some assets belonging to its former president Yahya Jammeh.


JAKARTA, NNC – For the sake of repaying debts already piling up, the Gambian state was forced to sell the personal belongings of the former president Yahya Jammeh. The goods being sold are in the form of several planes and a number of luxury cars.

The goal, Gambia wanted to reduce debts accumulated during the government of Yahya Jammeh. The country’s debt ratio exceeds 130 percent of GDP.

As reported by Mynewshub, Yahya Jammeh came to power in 1994 in Gambia and escaped last year. He fled after several neighboring countries of Gambia participated to overthrow him from office because Jammeh was reluctant to step down after losing the election that won Adama Barrow.

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During his reign, most of the people in the country were poor. Above the poverty of the people, Jammeh accumulated much wealth. When he escaped, he took his fortune to Equatorial Guinea.

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Assets of vehicles, including the luxury Rolls Royce owned by Jammeh, were left on the airport runway. These assets include Jammeh’s assets sold by the Gambian government.

“All the luxury cars at State House and three planes bought by former president Yahya Jammeh are being sold. The ministry will issue a sale price soon,” said Finance Minister Amadou Sanneh.

From: Netralnews

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