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For the first time in the history of Gambian protest we hearing ‘bush protest’ with strict timing after which the document three years Jotna Abdou Njie’s camp should disperse

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For the first time in the history of Gambian protest we hearing ‘bush protest’ with strict timing after which the document three years Jotna Abdou Njie’s camp should disperse. From Sting Corner to 200m away from Denton Bridge, tell me who are they going to meet or join them in that bush.Their evil intentions has been exposed, sitting falsely in Europe and wanting to instigate people in the Gambia is unacceptable. What’s stopping them from coming after falsely promising the whole world that they will come and lead the protest. The best practices for protests all over the world are held within were people live but the so-called evil intended and politically motivated 3 years Jotna has been exposed using 3 years Jotna as a cover up. The cowards homeless asylum seekers some of them still refusing to identify themselves to come and lead the protest in the Gambia. We learned that Sheriff Ceesay who is 100℅ UDP is in town, we got some intelligence on how and why Sheriff Ceesay came to the Gambia. Sheriff Ceesay is looking for relevance and cheap popularity, one of which is to regularise his stay in the UK. He’s not a threat to three years Jotna so-called protest and the Gambia Government has no business or nothing to do with him. He’s just trying to fix himself as no one is listening to him. His coming had nothing to do with three Jotna,he’s hiding behind three years Jotna for his selfish and political reasons. The real three years Jotna is not organizing any protest and we urging the public to strictly stay away from the so-called protest and continue with their normal businesses. Sheriff Ceesay himself confirmed that he’s 100℅ UDP and that was one of the reason why he was expelled from 3 years Jotna. It’s their right to peaceful and Bush protest but we will not allow anyone to use 3 years Jotna for personal and political reasons. Infact when they first approach the police for permit,the authorities contacted us, they wanted to know how many three years Jotna to avoid confusion but later we distance ourselves from their so-called movement as they were branded as political party sympathizer. The police never wanted to give them a permit without the consent of the real three years Jotna. Trust me these people went through vigorous screening to convince the police beyond reasonable doubt that their protest will be peaceful and within the framework of the permit.This is why the police Compelled them to Bush protest with very strict timing and they all agreed and signed after which they should disperse and go home. Without us the real three years Jotna the police don’t trust them, they have evil intentions to instigate and distabiise this country of ours. I know this People,i have been working with them, they all fake.
I think they fitted into Bush protest looking at their evil and political motivated intentions. This protest has already fail, according to some intelligence I got,there will be heavy security presence to make sure that what is agreed upon by both parties is fully implemented. The army , the ECOMIG soldiers will be on alert stand by and the police rapid response team will be on the ground to quell any unlawful act. The question is who are they going to meet or join them in that bush. Completely isolated area, only shell collectors are found in that area. Who are they going after or meet animals or trees.
Let us jealously guard the peace and stability we have, the Gambia is the only country we have. For the Gambia Our homeland. They are not even allow to get closer to Denton Bridge,200m away, totally isolated from public view and property. I can authoritatively confirm that the government is fully prepared for this so-called group calling themselves three years Jotna. The Government is not taking December 16 Protest lightly. In as much as they have the right to peaceful protest,government is also oblarge to provide safety and protection of people who have no business with their so-called protest. Government is here for everyone irrespective of what ever. We even getting some intelligence that the so-called protesters are trying to use students and schools,and that’s why we issued a rejoinder statement urging schools and students to stay away from the protest and continue with their normal lessons.
The procession according to the permit begins from Sting Corner in the suburbs of Jeswang and stops some 200meters before Denton Bridge the main entrance into Banjul from the Kombos. At Denton Bridge, the so-called Jotna’s representatives are expected to hand deliver a formal protest document to a Government representative while President Barrow comfortably in state house.The timeline of the procession is from 10:00am to 2:00pm when the crowd is scheduled to disperse.
Meanwhile, members of the public, especially the business community,s schools,students and members of the diplomatic and Consular Corps are assured of a very peaceful and orderly procession and should go about their normal businesses. We are not in anyway against people rights to peaceful protest as per Constitution but we know this people calling themselves three years Jotna, we were working with them,we know their evil and political intentions that’s why the real three years Jotna wants to expose them and distance ourselves from their movement Camp. For the Gambia Our homeland.
Kaw Yerro

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