“Don’t wait for international aid to pay commissioners in Truth and Reconciliation Commission” – Saihou Saidily

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Message by Saihou Saidily:


President Barrow and Justice Minister Tambadou if it’s true that the government is waiting for international aid to pay for appointment of Commissioners to the all important TRRC that is completely unacceptable and unfair to the victims who are keenly waiting for justice. We should take ownership on this just like we took ownership on the establishment of commission of inquiry into financial dealings of the former dictator. Like I mentioned to the President during our meeting with him in London in April, it’s been 22 yrs since the families of victims of Jammeh brutality await for truth on killing, torture, disappearances of their loved ones before we can even contemplate of reconciliation in that country.


The euphoria which came with the appointment of Dr Baba Galleh Jallow as Executive Secretary of TRRC, is evaporating fast with the delay in the appointment of Commissioners. Let the Government take the bull by it’s horn and take charge of the budgetary provision of appointment of Commissioners. Pledges by international community is never a guarantee that funds would be disbursed. We can’t afford to always pass the buck to outsiders. As financially constrained as we may be let’s put our priorities right. Apart from augmenting living standards of Gambians, success of the new government will be judged by how coherently and swiftly issues of victims are dealt with. Please make no mistake on that. The clock is ticking and ticking fast. Wa Salam.

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