Donald Trump’s Policy Deports 45 Gambians Back Home

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More than 45 Gambian deportees from the Unified States landed today at the Banjul International Airport. The deportees were transported by an extraordinary contracted flight. Nationals from the Gambia, Nigeria, Senegal and other countries around the African continent were among the deportees.

It was a sad day today in Banjul for most deportees as they came back home with almost nothing. They were gathered together in various cities and communities across the United Stated and ousted back to their local nation, the Gambia.

For example, Marie Lewis, Mohammed Njie, and one Fatou Jobe of Maryland were among the 45 Gambian deportees. Ms. Jobe left two of her children behind in the US. One of her children is going to school, while the other is in Secondary School.

Gambian Deportees landed at the Banjul Worldwide Airplane terminal on load up a US Flight.

For Marie Lewis, she has been living in the United States for more than 17 years. She left behind her extravagant car, investment funds and different possessions. She used to live in Washington DC.


Mohammed Njie likewise left his recently purchased house in South Carolina behind. He too has been expelled.

A portion of the deportees have been living in the US for more than 30 years. They are right now back in the Gambia. Among them is Buba Jabbie. Mr. Jabbie left his America spouse and two children behind. Endeavors to remain his extradition demonstrated pointless.

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Jabbi’s GoFundMe page has brought over $10 thousand up in two weeks to help support the family and take care of legitimate expenses. Katrina has been working part time and dealing with the couple’s two youngsters while Buba was functioning as a truck driver. They are expecting a third kid this fall.

Buba was first planned for deportation following the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, which he went to on a temporary Visa. He coincidentally exceeded his Visa, and mistakenly documented printed material to change his status. He stayed in the removal process for quite a while however was not able be expelled because of uncalled for documentation from his nation of origin, Gambia. He has been in the United States under supervision orders from that point forward, which includes a yearly checkup with movement to acquire a work approval. Katrina says he has done that consistently throughout the previous ten years.

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