Desertion Trial Of Generals Suffers Setback

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Gen. Mendy & Gen. Tamba

By Yankuba Jallow / Louise Jobe

The criminal trial at the general Court-Martial involving Generals Oumpa Mendy and Ansumana Tamba, has suffered another setback on Wednesday 25th April 2018.

On the last adjourned date, the Court-Martial held that the Generals were members of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) and can be tried under the GAF Act. During the last session, the Court-Martial overruled the defence’s objection that the two Generals are not serving members of GAF, since their uniforms were taken from them and have not been receiving salary from the Army among others, as well relying on some provisions of the GAF Act and Regulation.

The case was adjourned to yesterday Wednesday, 25th

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 April 2018, for the defence to raise objections they may have, against the composition of the Court-Martial, as well as take their plea. This could not hold due to the prosecution failing to adhere to the Court-Martial’s order that the accused persons should be in uniform when appearing before it. The accused persons since the commencement of the trial, have been coming in civilian clothes (black suits). The Court-Martial has summoned the Army to appear today and explain why the soldiers are not provided with uniform. The accused persons are yet to take their plea.

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The matter will be heard today at 9:30am.

From: Gambia News Online

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