Democracy Watch Gambia To Challenge Constitutional Review Commission Act 2017

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Democracy Watch Gambia
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Democracy Watch Gambia (DWG) is filing a suit at the Supreme Court of the Gambia to challenge the country’s Constitutional Review Commission Act 2017 which was passed by the National Assembly on 11th December 2017 and assented to by President Adama Barrow on11th January 2018.

According to DWG, the Act is unconstitutional and wholly inconsistent with the dictates of Section 226 of the Constitution of the Republic of the Gambia and taking the case to courts is an absolute necessity if Gambians are to preserve their democracy and new found international dignity and respect.

“The Act is wholly inconsistent with the Constitution of our Sovereign Republic and, its implementation will constitute an irreconcilable but preventable treason which will inevitably amount to a mockery of our democratic existence – something which no patriotic Gambian citizen should allow to happen in this modern age,” it group stated.

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It added that having carefully considered the Act Act in its entirety, it has come to the reasoned conclusion that firm citizen partnership action is required (from the entire Gambian citizenry) for the purposes of taking the required steps (Supreme Court Petition) to prevent our democracy being disrupted or subverted and salvage those concerned from committing such treason.


To help with its legal challenge, GWG has already contacted parliamentary opposition political parties, several voluntary and civil society organisations and wider Gambian civil society entities inviting them to, and requesting their meaningful participation in the ‘noble cause’ to conclusively disrupt the emergence of another dictatorship.

From: Jollof Newspaper

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