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A prominent official of the Barrow administration Dodou Sano has accused the United Democratic Party leadership of undermining President Barrow, just for the sake of propelling the UDP leader Ousainou Darboe into the Presidency. Mr. Sano, who is a political adviser to President Barrow, was speaking in an interview with the Paradise television. Sano has called out the UDP Deputy Leader Aji Yam Secka as among those, who had started the campaign to outshine President Barrow from the Presidency and replace him with Ousainou Darboe.

Sano recalled an instance in which, he said, Ms. Secka, had told a meeting in Banjulnding, where the Saballys of Lamin, had decided to defect to the UDP from the APRC, that Darboe was going to be their Presidential candidate in the 2021 elections. Sano wasn’t happy with Ms. Secka’s statement. He felt that Aji Yam’s statement was calculated to under President Barrow. He even spoke at the meeting and denounced Ms. Secka’s divisive remarks.


It was Sano, who organized the meeting. He said the goal for the meeting was to create a venue in which Ms. Sabally and her group could announce their defection from the APRC to the UDP. Mr. Darboe and the UDP leadership were present at the rally, he said.

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According to Sano, shortly after the Banjulnding meeting, he read a lead story caption on the Banjul based Standard Newspaper, in which the UDP Leader Ousainou Darboe, had made a declaration—announcing his desire to run as a President in 2021. At first, Sano said, he thought the story was false. He had to telephone Mr. Darboe to authenticate the veracity of the Standard reportage.

Sano was saddened to learn that Darboe made the said remarks on the Standard Newspaper. He was told by Darboe that the paper had quoted him accurately and he Darboe was interested in contesting the 2021 Presidential elections.

Darboe was serving as Foreign Minister in Barrow’s government at the time. Barrow was a member of his UDP party. He had to resign from the party to lead six opposition parties in Gambia’s 2016 Presidential elections. Barrow defeated Jammeh in what observers characterized as disputed elections.

Sano says he then told Darboe that his statement was likely going to divide the UDP party, and Barrow’s transitional government. He noted that he never expected such a divisive statement to come from their party leader.

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“It was Aji Yam Secka and Ousainou Darboe, who caused the fragmentation within the UDP. They were out to undermine President Barrow by making such divisive remarks. If the UDP is dead, it is Aji Yam Secka and Ousainou Darboe, who killed the party,” Sano remarked.

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Sano’s next line of action was to strategize a way forward to protect Barrow and his Presidency. He then decided to form the Barrow National Youth Movement. The movement had created a political base for Barrow. It disguises as a supportive organization that is committed to complementing the government’s efforts to spearhead national development.

According to Sano, the Barrow Youth Movement led to the formation of the Barrow Fans Club. He added that the Fans Club is going to be elevated into a political party, which is going to be registered this month. He said the new party is going to be launched in the New Year.

Sano has accused Ousainou Darboe of being ungrateful to President Barrow. He said it was Barrow, who freed Darboe and his co UDP colleagues from jail.

“The Coalition government was working perfectly fine prior to the release of Darboe from jail. Once Darboe was released, he came in and disrupted the Coalition government. It was Darboe, who divided the Coalition government,” Sano alleged.

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Sano notes that instead of Darboe working and supporting Barrow’s government, Darboe decided to pursue his own political interest.  He also said the three years jotna movement was a UDP movement, which is bent on destabilizing The Gambia.

“Three years jotna is a UDP movement. Their goal is to undermine the peace and security of the country. The issue of three years transitional government was never an issue when their leaders were part of Barrow’s government. Both Ousainou Darboe and his Deputy Aji Yam Secka were talking about the 2021 elections, when they were eating in the national pie. Now that they are not in government, they want to depose President Barrow. Amadou Kora is a UDP Executive member. He is on record for having called on Gambians to sacrifice their lives for the three years jotna crusade. There are other UDP Executive members, who are in support of the three years jotna movement,” Sano remarked in the local Mandinka dialect.

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