China Destroy Gambian Marine Ecosystem

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A catastrophic national security threat is unfolding in the Gambian coastal town of Gunjur and the West African nation of Gambia as a whole.A Chinese company Golden Leaf” without any Gambian partners and under no checks by any Gambian authority- is engaged in over-fishing in Gunjur and Kartong co astal towns and literally wrecking havoc on the people by destroying the coastline as well as the Bolongfehyoto wildlife reserve with impunity! They are believed to produce fish-meal for live-stocks in far away China at the very expense of the health and virtual existence of these Africans and their habitat. The toxic effluent from this factory is discharged straight into the sea and dead fish dumped along the coastline and neighboring communities. The factory releases intense bad odor harming the health of the people as well as destroying marine reserve

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s and polluting the waters!

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It is yet to be disclosed who gave this company license to operate in the Gambia in the first place and if there was any social and environmental impact assessments done before they were awarded the license.  As to why the relevant Gambian authorities are mute remains a chilling mystery, but so far, four young Gambian youths who spoke up have been arrested and under detention, the company in question have capitalized on the impotent display of leadership by the Gambian government and have strengthened their exploits by raising the Chinese flag right on Gambian soil to the affront of the victims and thus continues the systemic destruction of African marine and human life with no consequence!

From: COWRY News

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