Chief Manneh’s Saga- MD Taal proclaims responsible. Observer exposes Taal.

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Dr Saja Taal Managing director of the Daily Observer Newspaper has claimed that he is responsible for the arrest of Chief Ebrima B. Manneh, News Editor with the Observer who was picked up by personnels believed to be NIAs from his office since on july, 7th 2006. Since then Chief Manneh’s affairs has not been known. His Father has been every where but could not find him.

When this development occured, his father visited the Observer office but only to be told by Dr Taal that Observer was not the right place to search for Chief Manneh. Chief Manneh’s old father who all along was crying searching for his family’s bread winner everywhere, including the NIA office and the Police could still not know where his son was.
Last weekends Saja Taal was overcomed by temptation following an article published by the Freedom Newspaper concerning NIA’s visit to Observer’s concerning their allegation against Senegal. Dr Taal blamed his editorial staff of being responsible for the article and pronnounced that he will deal with the staff responsible and will deal with them worst than he did to “Chief Manneh”.
Saja’s admission of being responsible for Chief Manneh’s detention was not a surprise because he had a brawl with Journalist Manneh shortly before the incident took place. He also did threatened to report Chief Manneh to the NIAs and that was axactly what he did, and gave to the public false information that Chief was downloading sensitive information. Freedom Newspaper has been reliably informed that Chief Manneh’s disappearance was as a result of some personal problems with Taal but nothing to do with the State. It was instead Taal’s evil intellectual games to implicate his juniors whenever he himself should be hang for such a matter.
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Meanwhile, follwoing Freedom’s publication of NIA’s visit to the Observer, Dr Taal was also trying to deviate their investigations by accusing his editorial staff of being responsible for sending the information to the Gambian based U.S Neswspaper. That resulted for him threatening to teach those staff responsible a lesson just like he Taal did to  Chief Manneh.
From: Freedom Newspaper

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