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Youth Found Dead In Brikama

By Mamour M Mbenga

Earlier on Saturday morning 29 June, the residents of Brikama found a death body on the high way fifty meters away from Jah Oil Petrol station by the name Musa Colley.

Musa Colley 20 years of age was reported death by eyewitnesses to the Brikama Police Station, This reporter, earlier this morning, visited the Brikama police and interviewed the deceased’s father, one Lamin Colley, a biological brother to the victim’s father.
Mr. Colley who spoke on behalf of the victim’s father explains to this medium how they felt about the incident.

“ The family got the information on Saturday morning that Musa was found dead on the highway. We all went to confirm while we met the young boy laying on the ground with his forehead seriously wounded and his face covered with blood,’’ he said.

“This is bad news to the family and we are waiting for the police to conduct investigation and bring those responsible to justice,” he explains with tears.

According to one eyewitness, Fatou Suso, alias Mundow said a girl came to visit Musa at home around 9pm on Friday night where she said that the girl came and met Musa sitting at the veranda. Then the girl together with Musa, got inside the room where Musa was living.


While Fatou Suso was on her way about to go to the shop, she said that she left both Musa and the girl in the compound.

Later the following morning, Fatou, explains that they received news of his death that he was killed during the time he went out at night while he was with his girlfriend.

The Police PRO ASP Foday Conta was met at the Brikama police station and was interviewed on the matter.

PRO Conta said that the victim was reported dead by the residents of Brikama in the early hours of 3am on Saturday morning. He said Musa Colley was found dead on the side of the highway.

Mr. Conta explained that the information gathered from the eyewitnesses was that the victim was coming from Joko Night Club Brikama with his girlfriend as they reached around the Jah Oil Petrol station the victim hit one of the Trucks which was parked on the roadside and he has a confrontation with three men that were in control of the truck.


Mr. Conta added that due the fight between Musa and the three men, it was said by the eyewitness that it leads to his death.

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ASP Conta said the Police invited Musa’s girlfriend before an investigation panel while the three suspects namely Alasana Bah of 36 years old, Abdoulie Jallow 18 years old and Edrissa Jallo an adult, who are currently detained at Brikama Police Station are helping the police for further investigations.

Mr. Conta also shed light on the situation on the ground at the police station. A crowd of angry youths came to the police since in the morning and demanded for the release of the three suspects, while they were stoning the station until the mirrors of the windows were all smashed into pieces.

The PRO said the Inspector General of Police and other Police Chiefs came to the station and had a meeting with the angry residents. They calmed the crowd that were causing chaos by throwing stones to the station’s building.

The  Deputy Police PRO said the police is doing their best in gathering information in their investigations regarding the matter and the office of the Inspector General of Police is urging the family of the victim, friends and residents of Brikama to main peace, law and order and allow the police to conduct their duties in a professional manner.


In the presence of journalists, the ECOMIG Mission in the Gambia, came with a full protection security gears to protect the police station and the environment.

In the later part of the day, the police Chiefs that were having meeting in the station’s ground with the victim’s families, friends and others came out of the main station’s gate to address the crowd to return home and maintain peace and reassured them that the police will get to the bottom of the matter.

Musa Colley is residing in Brikama Misira and was working in a Timber company. Musa’s father Doballey Colley, was not in town. He was said to have traveled to the upcountry. His mother Juweh Jallow is a native of Brikama.

Musa’s biological parents cannot be reached for an interview due to the sad moments they are facing.

Written By Mamour Mbenga

From: Freedom New

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