By Kaw Yerro:


“What the police PROLamin Njie said was very clear, he said he’s not aware of any decision denying permit to 3 Years Jotna led by Abdou Njie’s camp and doesn’t received information concerning the rejection. “We don’t want a situation where people will say the police said this and that”, the PRO said giving no further details”
Now be your own judge and analyse the police PRO statement. What the PRO said is simple and very clear. My source never failed me and I still maintain 100℅ that Abdou Njie’s camp were denied police Permit ahead of their so-called planned eight-hour protest hijacked by UDP beginning from Westfield to State House on 16 December. Infact if you look at Abdou Njie’s application letter,is just like a memo, no explanation of planned activities,with no address,no telephone and you want the police to give you Permit on that basis. He was defensive and claiming their rights before issuing them with a permit that must have made the police suspicious of their dubious intentions.The fact is it’s UDP hiding behind Abdou Njie’s camp to apply for a permit which is unacceptable.
The Standard News paper who published the story hasn’t done it’s finding properly. The Standard should have put further questions to the police but all the PRO said was he’s not aware and the PRO is right in saying that to avoid further confusion.
The fact of the matter is that Abdou Njie and his camp has been denied a police Permit as a faction to three years Jotna. Both Abdou Njie,Kingsports, Sheriff Ceesay and some of their so-called members confirmed this Denial of police Permit in their various social media platforms.
Abdou Njie and his camp should be denied a police permit because their move is politically motivated, they are all UDPians hiding behind three years Jotna. They have no right to claim permit on behalf of 3 years.Let them go and apply permit and use UDP instead. These are so called Gambians who always like to wait a day like this just to destroy people’s property and inturn they will sabotage the Government of the day. Their intentions is to Unseat President Barrow through the Window, which will never be accepted.
We thank the inspector general of police for the right decision to deny and salvage the country from this enemies of progress and development they are to be arrested and detained the whole issue of this so called 3 years jotna Abdou Njie’s camp is UDP but Gambians we are ready for them. We know their intentions,they are violent group and enemy of progress. No one can force President Barrow,if he decides to step down that’s well and good.
We know and respect the right to freedom of speech, and assembly In section 25 (1) of the constitution but this shouldn’t be abuse or politicise just because you not happy with a constitutional elected government. We all know there was an agreement but the Constitution takes precedence over any socall agreement.
As the founder of three years Jotna we are more than ready to engage government and coalition stakeholders so as to come up with a lasting and peaceful solution to 3 years Jotna.Three years Jotna is non violent,non political,our main objective of forming 3 years Jotna was to held our leaders accountable in a democratic and peaceful way. That’s why the executive body decided to expelled Sheriff Ceesay and KingSports from 3 years Jotna and the so-called Chairman Abdou Njie is not representing 3 years Jotna in the Gambia.
3 years Jotna did not come for violence but reminding our leaders to respect their voices in a peaceful, democratic and respectable way. The only hypocrites and FITNA supporting group is the emerge of this opportunist movement called Abdou Njie and KingSports camp calling themselves 3 years Jotna while they are all UDPians.
Three Years Jotna has no business with the so-called 3years Jotna Abdou Njie’s camp rival group. The police did the right thing in denying them a permit,let them apply on behalf UDP and not 3 years Jotna.Kaw Yerro and his top executives are the only legitimate recognize that can apply for a permit on behalf of three years Jotna.
We are seriously urging the police to monitor and be vigilant to Abdou Njie’s and KingSports camp for the fact that they are likely to cause the breach of the peace as they are back by UDP. UDP is 100℅ behind their camp.
In view Of The above, the general public especially those intending to take part in the so-called December 16 proposed demonstration are hereby warned to desist from such actions. Thus any attempt to hold such demonstration in the name of operation three years Jotna will constitute an unlawful assembly and then police will therefore apply the full force Of The law in dispersing any such a gathering or assembly as provided by Section 5(2) Of The public Order. The public will be notify for any future protest organize by 3 years Jotna.
So the false rumours circulating on social media from Abdou Njie’s camp about an intent to demonstrate without a permit is false and it’s contravenes the principles of democracy. Three years Jotna is not organizing any protest on the 16 December.Its also important to note that under section 178 of the 1997 constitution, the Police Force is responsible to preserve, protect and maintain public peace.
There is no where in the world where a person or group of persons calling themselves 3 years Jotna will take the law into their own hands without the consent of the relevant authorities whose presence will be to protect lives and properties of everyone.
Three years Jotna under the leadership of Kaw Yerro is hereby reminding the Office of the Inspector General to use all means reasonable to ensure that the peace and tranquility of this country will never be compromised in all its forms.
If Abdou Njie’s camp want to protest or demonstrate should ensure that they comply with the law in order to be protected by the law.
In as much as being in a democratic society one has the right to the enjoyment of fundamental human rights, but of course such rights goes with certain responsibilities.
Operation three years Jotna under the leadership of Kaw Yerro therefore solicits the cooperation and understanding of all persons residing in the Gambia as with peace everything is possible. Three years Jotna is not organizing any protest in December 16 and there fore urge the public to stay put in their homes you hear from us.Its everyone’s responsibility to guard jealously the Peace and tranquillity that the Gambia is known for ever since.

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Isatou Jallow
Coordinator/Advisor Diaspora
Operation Three Years JOTNA Gambia
For Top Executives.

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