Breaking News This Is What I Know About Lawyer Darboe .

By Kaw Yerro:

Breaking News
This Is What I Know About Lawyer Darboe

√GAMBIANS will never forgive UDP and Darboe if he don’t come out and apologies.
√I never knew Darboe is called Abubacarr until the passport saga.
√Darboe has loose all his credibility
√Darboe is just forcing himself but he cannot make it good President.
√Darboe heavily rely on tribal support and royalty
√Darboe now wants to remove Barrow through the window
√Darboe is nepotist and corrupt to the core
√Darboe will appoint his loyalist and close aids even well before he was a ministers or becomes a President.
√Darboe is saying Barrow Barrow while he’s worst than Barrow.
√Darboe is not eloquent,he talk like a toddler
√Darboe will appoint people base on party politics and tribe.
√Darboe is his own enemy
√No one can point fingers to Barrow without addressing the root cause of Darboe’s problem.
√Darboe is the root cause of all the problems the new Gambia is going through.
√Darboe thinks on party lines rather than the country first
√Darboe is retired and tired but refuses to retire
√Darboe and UDP has seen themselves in a government but they have shown the whole world their inability to govern
√Darboe is a Fisirwalleh
√Barrows government was an opportunity for Darboe and UDP but they messed up
√Darboe will aid nepotism and support corruption
√Darboe is more of a problem than a solution
√Darboe is a problem himself
√Darboe can only be an opposition of a political party in the Gambia.
√Darboe has promised many as UDP flag bearer including Talib Bensiuda and Amadou Scattered Jallow.
√Darboe is now an online operative talkshow.
√Darboe is the one Who destroy the new Gambia.
√Darboe is selfish
√When Gambians removed Jammeh Darboe give all the credit to himself and UDP.
√Dont be surprise if Darboe is arrested by Barrow and taken by to prison.
√Darboe is frustrated and undecided.
√Darboe can oxen the Gambia,darboe is corrupt to the core.
√We have not seen Darboe fixing Gambia’s problem any sooner, Darboe cant fix our problem.
√Darboe has a low esteem he talks like a toddler
√Darboe has inconveniences in his utterances.
√Darboe turned the foreign service Into UDP political bureau when he was the foreign minister.

……. What About You , What D You Know About Darboe?

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